Chris Paul & Matt Bonner

Had the privilege last night of watching Chris Paul set the record for consecutive games with a steal. Kudos to Chris, one of the classiest athletes around, and a damn good player. He single-handedly brought me back to enjoying the NBA. Great record, great player.

As lagniappe, we beat the Spurs. I didn’t think we’d pull it off, but this team seems able to come back, even when they seem so stiff and cold through much of the game. I’m not a booer, but I will never forgive Bruce Bowen for last year’s crap, so I really enjoyed ending their 6-game streak. It was the only time one obnoxious Spurs fan behind us shut up.

Courtesy of Gary, who harbors a pretty serious grudge against that city for trying to steal the Saints, comes this nugget about the Spurs’ Matt Bonner, who prefers Minnesota’s food to New Orleans’. Granted, he is, apparently, the “Earl of Sandwiches.” Seems that even if you’re rich, you’re not necessarily sophisticated:

[Minneapolis] Might be the best sandwich city in the country….  They’ve got everything: Subway, Quizno’s, Potbelly’s, Jimmy John’s, Cozy, Panera. You name it, it’s there.


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