What I learned as an extra on Treme’

22 February 2010

1) Being an extra is extra-boring.

2) Parking in a lot with a security guard is no guarantee that your car won’t get broken into.

Best “Priceless” I’ve seen

18 February 2010

Potato Chips for a quick snack on the airplane . . . $4

Aisle seat in 1st class from Miami to New Orleans . . .  $899

Falling asleep with the Lombardi Trophy in your lap . . . Priceless

Thanks, Stephanie

Hire Avery

10 February 2010

I was glad when the Hornets fired Byron Scott, and I think Jeff Bower’s better, but he’s no long-term winner.

Avery Johnson, however, is a proven winner.  Plus, he’s local, he’s looking for a position, and he may have been the secret-weapon-motivational-speaker for the Saints this year.  Isn’t that what we need?

Just a thought.

Lombardi Gras aka Dat Tuesday

9 February 2010


9 February 2010

This is why we can’t get spoiled, people.

Thanks, Gary.

Archbishop Hannan’s original Saints prayer

5 February 2010

I can’t figure out how to insert this directly, but check the weathered link: