Treme: Too Real?

12 April 2010

I really enjoyed the premiere of Treme last night, although it confirmed one of my mild apprehensions about the show:  People won’t believe how authentic it is.

It’s a weird contradiction that at the same time we don’t want people believing that there’s a parade every five minutes here, like a lot of pop culture would suggest, but at the same time, they’re pretty damn regular, and Treme captures that.

I can see people around the country simultaneously having their stereotypes of the city confirmed and yet not believing that what they’re seeing is real.  In fact, we do support a lot of their stereotypes on a superficial level, but not on a deeper level.  Yeah, second lines happen regularly, but they’re still a big deal that people make a point of catching.  Yeah, we cut loose a lot more than most folks, but the tit-flashing is for non-locals only.

I’m really happy with the job Treme did.  It’s tough to get real musicians to be real actors, and not all of them got it done, but it’s a blast to see some local heroes get into the spotlight.  I hope it doesn’t change them!

Chronology error?  Anyone remember when Jockamo IPA came out?  I actually wrote about it after first discovering it in late 2007, so I’m pretty sure that Vaughan’s neon sign is out of place.  Not that I really care, I’m just never the one to spot that stuff.

Hurry up with that next episode, HBO!

Cyril continues to be part of the problem, not the solution

12 March 2010

Gary tipped me off to this interview with Austin’s own Cyril Neville.

A couple of choice bits:

Everybody who had obligations to help out didn’t.

Huh?  This kind of shit just reinforces the rest of the country’s perception that we’re just sitting here waiting for help to arrive.  And it’s an insult to all those who did so much.  Yeah, we’re all still pissed at a lot of people, but we’re also trying to take care of business.

My sister-in-law’s house, which I’ve been staying at off and on when I come back, it’s easier for her to drive across the lake [nearby] to go shopping than it is for her to drive all the way uptown to the one Walmart that they have there on Annunciation Street. It’s going to be a long time before the overall city itself is back to anywhere close that it used to be. Yes the French Quarter is there and they can build casinos anywhere they want now — they don’t have to go offshore.

Yeah, New Orleans sucks now that it’s so hard to get to the WalMart.

Look, I’m happy for what he’s doing for the wetlands, but he bashes the city whose allure pays his bills, and then he shortchanges the people who’ve dedicated the last 4 1/2 years to getting things going again.

We wore “Never Brothers” t-shirts to the first JazzFest after the levee failures, and Cyril makes it tempting to break those out again.

Bad taste?

10 July 2009

Why is Obama meeting with this Michael Jackson impersonator at the G8?  And isn’t it a little soon for them to come out again? It was a long time after Elvis’ death before the Rolling Elvii appeared on the scene, so at least they have some class.

Obama G8 Italy

l to r: Dmitry Medvedev, Barack Obama, Ban Ki-moon, and Michael Jackson impersonator Moammar Gadhafi

The MJ Forecast

7 July 2009

No shit:  Today the Weather Channel had the Michael Jackson forecast for the memorial.  Ugh.

This included the “Bad” (they put it in quotes, so we’d get it) Forecast for Florida.  Ick.

Gene Simmons is pathetic

4 June 2009

My brother sent me a link to Terry Gross’ interview with Gene Simmons, which he apparently wouldn’t consent to release to the archives.  It’s a few years old, but it’s worth attempting a listen.

If you can stomach it, you’ll see what the face of Voodoo’s headliner is all about.  Basically, he’s a misogynistic, pseudointellectual poseur who’s clearly overcompensating for something.  Not sure how much of it’s an act, but I know that I wouldn’t want to spend 30 seconds with him.

Some week-ending quick hits

6 February 2009

Mencia:  Kudos to the many bloggers whom I credit for sounding the alarm about that prick.  I don’t know where the line is between acceptable and not acceptable, but he crossed it.  I’m not saying he shouldn’t be allowed to, only that we don’t have to feature him.  Thanks, Orpheus.

Mencia II:  The bummer is that because the krewe explained that it “safety was a consideration,” he can go around the country saying that it’s so dangerous here he can’t even be safe in a parade.  But maybe because the quality of his humor falls somewhere between Dane Cook and that Cable Guy, no one will be there to hear it. BTW, anybody know what happened to this?

Chris Paul’s New Shoes:  Will the pope approve of CP3’s new kicks, since they seem simultaneously to honor the debauchery that is Mardi Gras and his Christian faith?  Religion, in unimaginably sinful NOLA?  Oh, that’s right, Mardi Gras is a Christian event.  h/t Mike (bet I can tell where you got em)

Did He Get an MD or a PhD?  I didn’t even know Bon Jovi was a doctor, but there it is right there in the schedule for May 2 at JazzFest:  “Dr. John, Bon Jovi.”  Oh wait, there’s an H there, and a comma.  Must be two acts.

Last Weekend’s Highlight:  Great job, Editor B and a bunch of other great folks for their efforts on the Beyond Jena forum.  It was a great event, and we all got a lot out of it, especially the many students who came.

This Weekend’s Highlight:  Tomorrow is Krewe du Vieux, and I’m happy to see that Michael will stop scrutinizing the base among us and join the fold.  I’ll bring the initiation sheep.

The Edge keeps giving

23 April 2008

I’m not crazy of perma-nicknames (e.g., Sting) for anyone but bloggers, but I’ll continue to make an exception for The Edge.  Mr. Edge has been simply great to our city:

No one could ever come close to repaying the debt of those who have established this form (of music) that we all take totally for granted, this hybrid of European melody and African-American rhythm that’s given us jazz and R&B and rock ‘n’ roll

While we’re singing his praises, here‘s one of my all-time favs.


14 April 2008

What a beautiful day for a fest!  I’m pissed at myself that I didn’t manage to get out there til today, but I sometimes fall apart when E’s gone and can’t get motivated to do anything.

I’m embarrassed to say that this was the first time I’d ever been to Preservation Hall.  Watched the Hot 4, and loved it, and man that place has some character.  I knew it did, but I didn’t realize it had pegboard covering the walls.  Now that’s upscale!  Such a real vibe there.

Numerous only-in-NO moments, capped by a brass band battle across Decatur.  Awesome.

Didn’t make it last night, but I did manage to go to V-Day.  My well-connected neighbor got me into the party afterward, where I got to meet Kerry Washington (stunning) and Mike McKenzie.  Pretty cool, and the Monologues were phenomenal.  Oprah was a no-show, but Rosario, Jane, and the rest were terrific.  Plus it was kinda fun that everyone felt free to talk about vaginas all night.

Now I gotta do my damn taxes.


21 February 2008

whoever doesn’t like music on the streets of the Treme shouldn’t move there. We’ve been doing this and we’re going to keep doing it.

Who’da thunk a dropped case would be good news in New Orleans?

T-P gets it right

24 January 2008

I actually agree with the paper that this is a great JazzFest lineup.

I’ll be skipping the Never Brothers’ “triumphant” return (you know, because I generally focus on the local acts).

But I think this is the best national lineup we’ve had in a while. Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Robert Plant w/ Allison Kraus (my brother got me the CD for Xmas, and it’s terrific), Randy Newman, Cassandra Wilson, John Prine, and Quint even caved to someone’s Raconteurs suggestion, despite his preference only to have acts his own age.

I often see the people I see all year, but at JF, it’s a little different, and I never get tired of it. I’m feeling warmer already.