Hire Avery

I was glad when the Hornets fired Byron Scott, and I think Jeff Bower’s better, but he’s no long-term winner.

Avery Johnson, however, is a proven winner.  Plus, he’s local, he’s looking for a position, and he may have been the secret-weapon-motivational-speaker for the Saints this year.  Isn’t that what we need?

Just a thought.

2 Responses to Hire Avery

  1. oyster says:

    Oh, absolutely! I’m a big Avery Johnson fan. Big, big, big. Love to see him coach in N.O. for as long as he wants.

  2. hammhawk says:

    Oyster, did you hear (or watch; I subscribe to the podcast) him on PTI? Just seems like a perfect fit. What a stud.

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