Saints school Cowboys

1 March 2010

This is awesome:

I smell a nice rivalry cooking.

On Friday night, the Saints’ staff at the combine gathered in a private room at St. Elmo Steakhouse, an 108-year-old Indy landmark, for a final celebratory nod to the Super Bowl win over the Colts. This is a group that likes its wine, and likes to have fun.

At the restaurant, word passed that Dallas owner Jerry Jones would have his Dallas group in this exact room Saturday night for a team dinner. Jones had even phoned ahead, according to a waiter, to make sure a magnum of a wine he loved, Caymus Special Selection cabernet sauvignon, was ready to be served at dinner.

Sean Payton told the waiter he’d like to have that wine, too. The waiter told him: Sorry, sir. We have only one bottle left, and it’s reserved for Mr. Jones.

Payton said he’d like to have the bottle nonetheless. I assume there was much angst on the part of the wait staff at that point. My God! Who do we piss off? One of the most powerful owners in the NFL, or the coach who’s the toast of the NFL, the coach who just won the Super Bowl?

Here came the bottle of Caymus Special Selection, and the Saints’ party drained it.

But drinking Jones’ wine wasn’t enough. Payton gave the waiter some instructions, took out his pen … and, well, the Cowboys party found at the middle of their table the next evening an empty magnum of Caymus Special Selection cabernet sauvignon, with these words hand-written on the fancy label:

World Champions XLIV
Sean Payton

That’s the kind of thing Jones will get a big laugh out of. And remember.

Best “Priceless” I’ve seen

18 February 2010

Potato Chips for a quick snack on the airplane . . . $4

Aisle seat in 1st class from Miami to New Orleans . . .  $899

Falling asleep with the Lombardi Trophy in your lap . . . Priceless

Thanks, Stephanie

Hire Avery

10 February 2010

I was glad when the Hornets fired Byron Scott, and I think Jeff Bower’s better, but he’s no long-term winner.

Avery Johnson, however, is a proven winner.  Plus, he’s local, he’s looking for a position, and he may have been the secret-weapon-motivational-speaker for the Saints this year.  Isn’t that what we need?

Just a thought.


9 February 2010

This is why we can’t get spoiled, people.

Thanks, Gary.

Damn! Hell of an article, Wright Thompson

17 December 2009

Read and weep (and savor).  Thanks, Wright, for getting it right.

And I love it when a coach mixes his metaphors.  Thanks, Coach Wade.  Not sure if you meant “kowtow” or “bow down,” but either way, give it your best shot.

Fortunately for you, Roy Williams seems to think it won’t really be needed.  Hell, all they gotta do is pack??!!

Bring it, you and your similarly over-paid colleagues!

Douchebag of the Day: Rich Rodriguez

4 December 2009

While normally I don’t care about the suffering of this prick and how he continues to make Michigan fans miserable (which I secretly enjoy, since I have a number of MSU fans as friends), but when ANYone starts comparing their candy ass struggles to Katrina, it’s on.

It’s really kind of ironic that the New Orleans Saints overcame the hurricane a few years back. I used to live and coach in New Orleans for a couple years, and I know how devastated that city is and how they overcome and rebuild the stadium and rebuild the program.

And we’ve had a few hurricanes of our own. We had a big hurricane in August, and it kind of hit us like a ton of bricks. But you had 120 young men and a bunch of people on the staff that said this is not going to tear our program apart.

Thanks to DetroitForLife via ExtraMustard.

Adventures in Sports Journalism

2 December 2009

Alright, for a big Saints game like Monday night’s, I lose that day and the next to scouring the Internets for any and every mention of the game.  A few observations:

  • If you missed the game, here‘s the recap, courtesy of Gary.
  • I love Bob Marshall’s environmental reporting, but does he know anything about the Saints?  WTF is this “Who Dat talkin’ ’bout beatin’ dem Saints?”  “Talkin’ bout???”  Never heard anybody say it that way.
  • Speaking of awkward writing, how about this excerpt from the NYTimes about the Pats:  “They are 7-4 and still lead the American Football Conference East by two games.”  Who the hell spells out American Football Conference?  Someone who doesn’t write much about sports.  Or is that just a stylistic thing like the New Yorker pompously spelling out all numbers and putting an umlaut over the 2nd e in words like re-establish?
  • You gotta read Peter King on McKenzie’s re-signing.  Turns out, a little initiative can really pay off.  He was a real stud.
  • Speaking of McKenzie, Dude, call me. 
  • And those Patriots will stop at nothing.
  • If you love reading about the 12th person heroes as much as I do, take a listen to the first 12 min or so of Bill Simmons’ BS Report.  This coming from a real Boston guy.
  • Michael Homan received the following tweet about the game:  Somebody show the Patriot’s defense the molestation doll and ask them “Where did Mr Brees touch you?”
  • My brother texted me at 10:12pm the following:  ESPN is doing everything possible to try to make this seem like a game.  It ain’t.  Saints are scoring at will…Brady looked like a beaten man on the sidelines in 2nd quarter.
  • I hope if I’m ever involved in a worldwide scandal, these guys pick up the story and animate the re-enactment.

Saints fans

2 November 2009

From Peter King:

New Orleans (6-0). My friend from Montclair, Mike Norman, and his two boys, Ben and Josh, can’t get over how they were treated as Giants fans in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago.

They were dressed in their Giants’ gear. Big game. Lots at stake. And they’re not shy — they cheered openly for their team (though there wasn’t much to cheer about in the Saints’ rout of the G-men). And over and over again, fans in the stands and on the street were beyond charitable to them. “They all kept saying, ‘Thanks for coming to New Orleans,’ ” Mike said.

Great line

26 October 2009

From ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski

And the Dolphins (2-4) once again found a way to dominate an opponent for large stretches of a game and lose. Not just lose, but lose spectacularly. They were last seen curled into a ball, mumbling something about their mommy.

Tuesday Noonish Quarterback

29 September 2009

Want to know how to claim 100,000 people in your stadium?  You do this and this.

The Saints win again, and although I would’ve enjoyed Brees cruising toward a bunch of records, the team did more this week to scare our coming opponents.  Yep, even if the passing game isn’t going lights-out, the running game, the defense, and now, even the special teams will beat you.  And beat you bad.

Great to see it happening, and I hope the team can keep this kind of harmony going when the chips fall a bit, which they will at some point.  But here’s hoping for a 3-game sweep of the state of New Yawk.  I can’t wait to host the Jets.  Should be a great game.  I like the way they’re playing, but I hope we paste them and their chanty fans.  Also wouldn’t mind if this fall weather stuck around this long.

Thanks to Chef and the gang for hosting us.  What a blast.

Back to Jerry’s ‘Boys.  I was ambivalent last night because I should root against the other teams in our division, but Carolina’s not much of a threat to us this year, and I hate Dallas enough to let that pass anyway.  I’m pleased, though, by the rising consensus that Romo will never be a “great” QB.  It also cracked me up when Kenny Mayne asked Jerry if he was going to have any daytime games this year.  (btw, enjoyable interview with Kenny Mayne on the Sound of Young America podcast.)

A few quick hits:

  • If that’s how Pierre Thomas runs with the flu, look out, league.
  • So sweet to see Colston kicking ass and holding on to the ball so well.
  • I agree completely with Brees:  This is one that we would’ve lost in previous years.  Something’s different now.
  • I think the Bears are the luckiest team going.  They just seem to squeak into every win.
  • Great to see Charles Grant and Will Smith getting ferocious again.  Can you believe that was Smith’s first interception in his career?
  • Sweet, sweet tackle by Lynell Hamilton on Roscoe Parrish’s kick return.  And here I thought Hamilton was a tailback!  Methinks we’ll be seeing that highlight set to the tune of The Saints Are Coming.
  • Pretty nice to shut down Terrell Owens, and this is pretty funny, but that prick loses to us, doesn’t catch a ball, and yet he’s still the main point of the game recap.  After he wears this douchebag ensemble to the press conference and complains that he’s being antagonized by the press.   What a tool.
  • Everybody’s saying it, but Tony Dungy is a real score for NBC.  His analysis of the game is outstanding, and it’s amazing that such a sweet guy could be so good in this league.
  • Speaking of announcers, I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed Matt Millen’s analysis.  He’s a lot better on tv than running a team.
  • The Right can imagine French wimpiness all they want, but Pierre Thomas and Pierre Garcon are a couple of badass frogs.
  • Peter King echoed Mike Greenberg, and they captured what I’ve been thinking but didn’t realize:  Week 4 is too early for a bye week.  You gotta play 5 or 6 at least before the injuries mount up to make that worth it.
  • After I saw that Kurt Warner pulled a Reggie Bush (if RB were a QB) and got a 28-yard sack, I started wondering what the greatest distance to go for a first down in NFL history was.  So I searched the Interwebs with the Google and found this.  Why do these pinheads even give an answer if they don’t know?  I’m not asking what’s the biggest to-go you remember; I want to know what the damn record is!
  • I’m sorry to hear Pennington’s likely done for the year.  I like him.
  • Anybody know why we have so many 3pm games?  I don’t mind, but it seems like we always have noon games, especially in town.  This year, not so much.

Can’t wait to see the chess match between Gregg Williams and Rex Ryan.  Tee hee.  Is it Sunday yet?