Tuesday Noonish Quarterback

29 September 2009

Want to know how to claim 100,000 people in your stadium?  You do this and this.

The Saints win again, and although I would’ve enjoyed Brees cruising toward a bunch of records, the team did more this week to scare our coming opponents.  Yep, even if the passing game isn’t going lights-out, the running game, the defense, and now, even the special teams will beat you.  And beat you bad.

Great to see it happening, and I hope the team can keep this kind of harmony going when the chips fall a bit, which they will at some point.  But here’s hoping for a 3-game sweep of the state of New Yawk.  I can’t wait to host the Jets.  Should be a great game.  I like the way they’re playing, but I hope we paste them and their chanty fans.  Also wouldn’t mind if this fall weather stuck around this long.

Thanks to Chef and the gang for hosting us.  What a blast.

Back to Jerry’s ‘Boys.  I was ambivalent last night because I should root against the other teams in our division, but Carolina’s not much of a threat to us this year, and I hate Dallas enough to let that pass anyway.  I’m pleased, though, by the rising consensus that Romo will never be a “great” QB.  It also cracked me up when Kenny Mayne asked Jerry if he was going to have any daytime games this year.  (btw, enjoyable interview with Kenny Mayne on the Sound of Young America podcast.)

A few quick hits:

  • If that’s how Pierre Thomas runs with the flu, look out, league.
  • So sweet to see Colston kicking ass and holding on to the ball so well.
  • I agree completely with Brees:  This is one that we would’ve lost in previous years.  Something’s different now.
  • I think the Bears are the luckiest team going.  They just seem to squeak into every win.
  • Great to see Charles Grant and Will Smith getting ferocious again.  Can you believe that was Smith’s first interception in his career?
  • Sweet, sweet tackle by Lynell Hamilton on Roscoe Parrish’s kick return.  And here I thought Hamilton was a tailback!  Methinks we’ll be seeing that highlight set to the tune of The Saints Are Coming.
  • Pretty nice to shut down Terrell Owens, and this is pretty funny, but that prick loses to us, doesn’t catch a ball, and yet he’s still the main point of the game recap.  After he wears this douchebag ensemble to the press conference and complains that he’s being antagonized by the press.   What a tool.
  • Everybody’s saying it, but Tony Dungy is a real score for NBC.  His analysis of the game is outstanding, and it’s amazing that such a sweet guy could be so good in this league.
  • Speaking of announcers, I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed Matt Millen’s analysis.  He’s a lot better on tv than running a team.
  • The Right can imagine French wimpiness all they want, but Pierre Thomas and Pierre Garcon are a couple of badass frogs.
  • Peter King echoed Mike Greenberg, and they captured what I’ve been thinking but didn’t realize:  Week 4 is too early for a bye week.  You gotta play 5 or 6 at least before the injuries mount up to make that worth it.
  • After I saw that Kurt Warner pulled a Reggie Bush (if RB were a QB) and got a 28-yard sack, I started wondering what the greatest distance to go for a first down in NFL history was.  So I searched the Interwebs with the Google and found this.  Why do these pinheads even give an answer if they don’t know?  I’m not asking what’s the biggest to-go you remember; I want to know what the damn record is!
  • I’m sorry to hear Pennington’s likely done for the year.  I like him.
  • Anybody know why we have so many 3pm games?  I don’t mind, but it seems like we always have noon games, especially in town.  This year, not so much.

Can’t wait to see the chess match between Gregg Williams and Rex Ryan.  Tee hee.  Is it Sunday yet?

Holy shit this sounds so cool!

24 September 2009

“Dueling Banjos” may have been a hit on the radio when the movie Deliverance was released in 1972, but Clint Maedgen and cellist Helen Gillet have other ideas about the proper accompaniment of the John Boorman classic– something a little difference from Eric Weissberg‘s banjo-heavy soundtrack. On Saturday from 7:30-11 p.m. at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s Patrick Taylor Library, “Delivering Deliverance” will present a one-night-only screening of the movie with a live soundtrack provided by Maedgen and Gillet. The event is free for museum members, $15 for general admission.

From the Weekly Beat

Wednesday Morning Quarterback

23 September 2009


Because Monday and Tuesday are taken, and I’m busy, here we go:

Random thought:  If FoxNews were writing headlines for the Saints, they’d write, “Brees’ touchdowns down by 50% in one week; That never happened when Brooks was QB!”

Old Business (from last week):

  • Forgot to mention what a strong National Anthem Bryan Batt performed.  I’m ambivalent about him because he’s on the best show on tv, and he’s good in it, but he supports his lame-ass brother, who sucks.
  • Still, why the hell is Harry Connick, Jr. singing the anthem in Pittsburgh?
  • Is it just me, or do Jaws & Chuckie sound too much alike to share color commentary duties?  The only real difference in their voice, especially now that they’re apparently telling Gruden to be more “excitable,” is that Jaws talks like he has a little ham tucked into his jowls.

New Business:

  • I’m a little worried, now that we’re getting people’s attention.  Fox has us #4 on the power rankings, Peter King #3 (he’s apologized for predicting 7-9 for us and now says ’09 Brees=’99 Warner–high praise indeed), and football genius Matt Millen has us as his Super Bowl pick.  Ugh, that’s the kiss of death.
  • Before picking Philly to beat us, Ditka said we were the best fans in the league.  Considering how much we sucked when he was our coach, if he can say that, it must be true.
  • 93 points.  Second place is Philly, with 60.  Yikes.  And the defenses of Detroit and Philly were supposed to be their stronger suits.  I’ll be glad when we can beat a full-strength contender, but you can’t feel anything but encouraged at this point.
  • This team feels a little different.  There were a couple of points where I got the feeling we were losing the momentum.  And past teams would have caved, but this team hung in there and didn’t even seem to get concerned.  Like the grit we’re seeing.
  • This isn’t a novel observation, but who is a better QB right now?  Peyton?  Brady?  Hell, Warner?  Roethlisberger?  Nope.  Nobody.  He’s accurate, evasive, smart, and a leader.  Keep it coming, Drew.
  • Glad to see Reggie get a TD, but Jeffrey‘s got a fine point and a hilarious caption.
  • But Reggie, when you win 20 in the show, you can have fungus on your shower shoes.  For now, you haven’t done enough, so quit waving the ball around all cocky until you get in the endzone every game and don’t fumble.
  • I don’t want them to make the season 18 games long, but they need to have 2-fewer preseason games, no matter what.

Finally, a comment about Dallas.  I hate Dallas, always have,  always will.  So I’ve relished the jumbotron controversy and really savored the loss in the Palace in Dallas.  But here’s what really pisses me off.  They’re trumpeting this new record for attendance at an NFL game when 20,000 people didn’t even get to watch it live.  No, they had a “Party Pass.”  What a scam.  And by all accounts, it sucked.  Still, what the hell is someone thinking when they say this:

Absolute Disaster. That’s it. Concession lines were way too long, bathrooms were overcrowded, it reminded me of the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Yep, once again the levee failures have become the convenient hyperbole for any shitty situation.

Bring on the Bills!

UPDATE 1:  WTF?  Vick always dreamed of getting busted for running a dogfighting ring and then getting reinstated?

UPDATE 2:  I’m sure this reeeeally makes Romo feel secure.

Strong work, Bobby

19 September 2009

Because he knows that most of his constituency doesn’t want “them” voting, Bobby has denied ACORN state funding.  Problem is…

Officials from ACORN’s New Orleans office told WDSU Thursday evening thet the group did not receive money from Louisiana and the move would not affect its operations.

More stupid posturing from a worthless governor.  I’ve asked before, and I’ll ask again, why is it that everyone thinks this guy is so brilliant?  What has he done?  Ever?

Meanwhile, nice take on ACORN by Joe Conason.

A little Tuesday morning sports wrap

15 September 2009

Fun game in the Sacredome Sunday, with a still-great offense and an improved defense.  Yeah, it was the Lions and all, but I’m always worried about playing a new QB, even a rookie.  A few observations from the game:

  1. Stafford is better than Harrington
  2. I actually saw a guy wearing a Brooks jersey, but I couldn’t tell if he was being ironic
  3. Those beer prices, which have doubled since I first got season tickets less than a decade ago, confirm my decision to bring my flask
  4. On the other hand, I think my seats are cheaper than they were then, so I guess I’ll buy a beer or two, when the flask is empty
  5. Reggie, I’m rooting for you, man.  Thanks for not thinking it’s funny when you fumble (see #2, Brooks)
  6. I’m not saying Brees is the best QB in the league, but I don’t think there’s one better
  7. Mike Bell seems like a damn good fit
  8. Still, Sharper is going to be the big pickup this year
  9. Shockey is probably my least favorite player (or the last guy whose jersey I’d buy), but I’m happy to see him produce
  10. I’m not terribly excited about playing against Garcia
  11. Special teams will lose us at least 2 games this year

A few other sports comments

  1. Serena is lying when she says she can’t remember what she said to the line judge.  As someone whose told a few lies himself, I recognize the twisted mouth and the shifting eyes.  Nobody wants to admit to shameful displays.
  2. Speaking of Serena, I wondered if Mackie Shilstone’s “Postcard from the US Open” would say something like, “Damn, I guess I shouldn’t have given her so many of those “supplements.”
  3. The paper called Shawn Merriman’s alleged choking of Tila Tequila a “spat.”  No, a “spat” is when I think E is overreacting to how I folded the towels wrong.
  4. I think Jay Cutler is the most annoying player in the league, and I don’t think I would’ve known that until I saw how happy I was with his struggles Sunday.  And I kinda like the Bears.
  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re not from New England and have a Brady jersey (or if you’re not from LA and have a Bryant jersey), then you need to think a little differently.
  6. Why so many comments on jerseys?
  7. I felt pretty badly for Buffalo and Oakland last night.
  8. Look for my Jayhawks to win it all this year.  Fine looking crop of freshmen, with plenty of experienced leaders to bring them along.  Not a bold pick this year, but believe the hype.
  9. Speaking of the Jayhawks, it was a treat to meet Julian Wright at the Hornets open house a couple weeks ago.  I had my KU hat on with a Hornets shirt, and he started telling me the dates of the exhibitions they’re playing in the Lawrence area right off the top of his head.  Seems like a really nice guy, and I told him how glad we were to have him in town.  Hope he sticks around.

An open letter to Mitchell Hurwitz

6 September 2009

Dear Mr. Hurwitz,

I’m writing to apologize to you for not watching Arrested Development in its original airing. We’re just about done with the DVDs (you do get some money from that, don’t you?), and it’s one of the funniest and cleverest shows I’ve seen. We’re at the part now where the characters are begging to keep their jobs, and it really hit home.

Sure, I watched it a few times, but I’d recently gotten HBO, so I was weaning myself from commercials, and that was before I had DVR, so I couldn’t skip them. But I’m sorry I wasn’t part of the movement to keep the show moving.

Still, maybe there’s something to living fast and dying young, like Ricky Gervais’ shows. At least you never jumped the shark (although that stuff about the Brits was a little lame), even though Fonzie was on it (great, BTW).

I think I most appreciate that you had enough innuendo and subtlety to keep it interesting, but it was accessible enough that I could grasp it, and that makes me feel smart.

Anyway, thanks for the great show; it’s been a ton of laughs. Now what’s up with that movie?


Why the Right needs to shut the fuck up

5 September 2009

…Wherein I comment on some of the outrages of the ignorant Right.

Manufactured Outrage 1:  Obama is far left.

Response:  Bullshit.  If you want to see far left, look at those of us who are so pissed that he’s so moderate.  I’ve been patient with him because I know you can’t get things done with my politics, but you fucks better take the compromises he’s offering because you’re damn lucky.  Your guy fucked up this country so bad for the last 8 years that you need to shut the fuck up and get out of the way.

MO 2:  Obama is Hitler.

Response:  What the fuck are you talking about?  You just said he was a socialist.  What the fuck kind of fascist-socialist hybrid are you imagining?  Oh, that’s right, you don’t really know what any of that shit means in the first place, you just know it’ll scare the pinheads.

MO 3:  Obama’s talking to your kids.

Response:  Now this is where you’re showing your true racist colors.  I know, I know, “It has nothing to do with race.”  Bullshit.  You just don’t want to admit it, so you inflate your objections to him and pretend that’s what really has you going.  Truth is, you don’t want that black man talking to your kids because you want them to grow up just as backward as your ignorant ass.  When W was in there, you were all, “Respect your president no matter what!  Where’s your flag pin?”  So show the man who actually won an election a little respect.  Don’t be such an obvious hypocrite.

MO 4:  Obama isn’t a real Christian.

Response:  Obama is far more Christian than your guy.  Talking about Jesus whenever it’s convenient doesn’t make you a Christian.  What would Jesus do?  He’d sure as fuck be in favor of universal health care, whatever the cost.  He’s sure as hell be in favor of spreading the wealth around.  He’d sure as hell not go around trashing gay couples in love.

MO 5:  Van Jones.

Response:  This one’s a little less severe, but shut the fuck up about this too.  Your guy doesn’t even believe in global warming, so ignore what you don’t like about the guy who’s trying to transform the economy to one that doesn’t rape the planet and destroy the land you get off on hunting on.

MO 6:  Imported beer.

Response.  Shut the fuck up.  You didn’t even know that Budweiser wasn’t American anymore, and you couldn’t find Belgium on a map.

My apologies to the dignified among us who are better at polite discourse; I’m fed up.