The outing of Dambala

31 August 2009

I’m only sorry the article didn’t include pictures of Bob Ellis and Daya Naef.  I gather everyone else knows who they are, but although I read American Zombie pretty regularly, I hadn’t followed this story because it was over my head from the beginning.  Now, thanks to them, I know who Ellis and Naef are, and not that they care, I think they suck.

A number of years ago Elizabeth Loftus, a prominent social psychologist and expert on eyewitness testimony and the malleability of memory, was sued by a woman whom she showed had been subject to false memory creation in a sexual abuse trial.  Although she had worked hard to protect their anonymity, they sacrificed their anonymity by suing her for testifying as to what the data showed.  Sometimes people cut off their nose to spite their face.  In fact, Loftus’ university didn’t back her in the shitstorm and ended up losing one if its most badass researchers.

I don’t know what the Latin phrase would be, but surely it’s a logical fallacy for one’s response to an accusation to be, “I sue you now.”  Here’s hoping this all blows over, or Dambala is vindicated.

The racists vs. Obama

29 July 2009

I’m no Freudian, but I think Joan Walsh is probably right that there’s a good deal of projection going on as the racist right wing pundits try to label Obama a racist.  I’d chalked it up to white privilege and crying foul that their monopoly on power is gone, but I was being a little too simplistic.

Watch for yourself, but don’t sue me if you destroy your computer afterward:

Who’s fanning the flames, guys?  Oh, that’s right, the guy who doesn’t know his place…


Marital Trouble

12 May 2008

One of the things that sucks about being in psychology is that people don’t take our science seriously.  And yet, out of one of our own publications comes this chart with which husbands can rate their wives (and the wives can do it for themselves).  Forget that it comes from the 1930s; some things are eternal.

Well, E scored herself a -24, which is pretty sad.  In fact, Dr. Crane rates this well below “Very Poor (Failures).”

I guess I’ll need to find someone who’s hose seams aren’t crooked and who is a bit slower in coming to bed.