…Unless she’s dead

24 March 2009

The Times-Picayune does not identify alleged victims of rape.

So says the sad article about Fredy Omar’s trial for rape.

Then, you go to another article in the same section, and apparently because the guy “is accused of raping and strangling his 16-year-old daughter in 2003 after taking her along with him on a drunken binge,” and she died, they can identify her, along with a picture in the print version.

The Omar article is sick on so many levels.  I love the guy as a musician and really hope he didn’t do it, but I don’t want to doubt a victim’s story.  Still, even though they saw fit to refer to Omar as “Latin bandleader” and “Honduran born musician,” I see nothing of the other alleged perpetrator’s “plumber of Irish descent” background or whatever.

And what decade is it when the defense’s case centers on whether the victim was wearing underwear or was drunk?  None of that matters if he did what she didn’t want him to.

House of Dance & Feathers catalog release party

6 March 2009

hodf_coverWell, even if my scholarly publications aren’t breaking the presses, I’m apparently going to be represented in the exciting release of this catalog from Ronald Lewis’ superb museum.  This comes from the wonderful people at the Neighborhood Story Project.  They’ve included a picture or two of mine in the book, so I’m planning to make the release party, and y’all should come too!

Saturday, March 14, 6pm
1317 Tupelo

Come buy copies for all your friends!

Belated Mardi Gras wrapup & picture links

4 March 2009

Wasn’t it nice?!  Someone told me after Krewe du Vieux that they were thrilled that the theme was entirely Katrina-unrelated.  We’re moving on, but we’ll never forget or take it for granted.  I was especially taken with Adrastos‘ group’s Ashley-inspired float.

I seemed to pace myself a little better this year than usual, which actually made it go by a little faster.  Not sure what that’s all about.  It was pretty nice.  Actually made Barkus for the 2nd year in a row, and I can’t get enough.  Nice work, Michael, Howie, et al.

Editor B‘s party was wonderful.  Glad Persephone’s b-day makes it even better.

Fat Tuesday was marvelous.  Great weather, good moods, and phenomenal costumes.  I think this was my favorite.  So simple, yet so brilliant.  Bummed I never thought of it.  This was nicely executed as well.  Edward Dickhands (or whatever you’d call him) was great too.  This is a town of professional costumers.  Hell, even we made it to the T-P’s webpage.

It was a short rest afterward though, as we headed west for my brother’s wedding to Nani.  Congratulations, you guys!  And wilkommen to the family, Nani!

Red light ticket update

4 March 2009

After I got this ticket, I decided that because I had the day off (Ash Wednesday) to contest it, I would.  I expected to spend most of the day dealing with rude, incompetent people over this, but that wasn’t the case.  They weren’t exactly warm, but they got me in and out in less than half an hour.

The gist is this:  not only do they have the stills they send you in the mail, but they have video.  Don’t know how I didn’t know that, but I didn’t.  Don’t know if I could have seen the video ahead of time, but I didn’t.  So I walked in to my “judge” or whatever, and she shows me the video, and I admitted that I had no case.  I clearly didn’t stop before turning through the red light.  Guilty, your honor.

Now she didn’t laugh at me or act smug about getting me, and she even gave me another month to pay the ridiculous $130 fine.

So thanks to everyone who discouraged me from contesting it, but I’m glad to know what goes on.