Andy Antippas is the Bomb

I don’t know him, and I’ve never bought anything at his gallery, Barrister’s Gallery, (hell, maybe he’s an asshole for all I know) but he gave a superb interview yesterday on WWNO.  They don’t have the file in the archives yet, but when they do, check it out.  I’m sure he’s well known among the art community, which I’m pretty ignorant of, but I love what he said.

Essentially, he’s been here since the storm, was the only gallery to participate in Art 4 Arts’ Sake last year (got power at the last minute), and has busted his butt to get his artists back to town, including one he physically carried.

His tone in the interview is wonderful.  He’s not a gaga idealist or anything, but you get the sense that if you were Aaron Neville or Harry Anderson and told him that it was too tough to be here, he’s just turn around and not waste anymore time on you.   He’s been through it, recognizes that these haven’t been the most fruitful times, but that art is essential to what New Orleans is.  He even gave an appropriately curt response to the question of what New Orleans art means to the country.  This is a guy who clearly doesn’t mince words, but what he’s doing for the city is vital.

If I buy art anytime soon, I’m looking there first.  Cheers, Mr. Antippas.

25 Responses to Andy Antippas is the Bomb

  1. Stephanie says:

    Did you know that way-back-when in November 1979, Mr. Antippas, a Professor of English at Tulane, was fired after it was revealed that over Thanksgiving Break he had attempted to steal rare maps from Yale’s Beinecke Library, and was caught?

    I’m glad to read that he’s doing better, and esp. for N.O., which needs all the help it can get after Katrina.

  2. Sarah says:

    Dr. Antippas did not steal maps from Yale. He was in possession of maps that had been stolen (unknown to him) and was released from jail when it was discovered who stole the maps. He is an incredible speaker and he should not still be forced to drag that misinformation around his neck.

    • Eden says:

      Yeah but he PLED GUILTY to stealing 5 naps from Tulane which you can read about in the New Yorker and New York times. Only one spreading misinformation is…YOU

  3. steve says:

    According to numerous sources, Antippas pleaded guilty in 1978 to stealing five rare maps from Yale, and he served time in jail for this. If the sources are inaccurate, then perhaps this should be investigated further and definitively documented. The truth will set you free.

    • Eden says:

      It was Tulane. I don’t know why none of you geniuses can do a simple Google search and read about it in the New York times and new yorker

  4. joe says:

    i was a english student of his at the time and it was the during the summer after that school year that he was fired, he did steal the maps, but he got caught because the government found the guy he sold them to for doing somthing else and busted andy in exchance for not being in as much trouble.

    at a later time yale then offered to pay him alot to tell them how he did it but he refused.

  5. sarah says:

    Where are the sources? He did not steal the maps- he had them in his possession. He also did not get fired from Tulane- he just didn’t try to get his job back, as he was rather ashamed to even try. I have known him for almost 30 years. Yale offered to pay him a lot to find how the maps were stolen? Ha. I’ve never known him to refuse money, so that’s unbelievable too.

    • Eden says:

      U guys are idiots. He PLED GUILTY to stealing maps from Tulane. You can read about it in the New Yorker and New York times dum dum.

    • Sassy says:

      He PLED GUILTY to stealing 5 naps from Tulane. Sources? Try the new Yorker and New York times dipshit.

  6. Joe2 says:

    Maybe you can find the story in the Times Picayune archives. He was also involved in a ring of thieves stealing grave goods from New Orleans cemeteries.

  7. Joe2 says:

    Here are two references to the two arrests. “Tulane: the emergence of a modern university, 1945-1980” indicates that in the affair of the Yale maps, the Grievance Committee at Tulane voted to terminate Mr. Antippas, but he resigned before that could take effect. He was sentenced to a year in prison. (An interesting sidelight is that the Tulane student newspaper did not report the arrest and conviction. Antippas was the faculty advisor to the newspaper.

  8. Joe2 says:

    Not a pretty picture. The fact that Mr. Antippas is a “respected” member of the New Orleans community is a sad reflection on New Orleans art and antiques dealers.

  9. Poetry lover says:

    This is all crap. Antippas was NOT prosecuted for cemetery thefts. He was arrested and immediately released after the crack head thieves realized it was the wrong house where they thought they had sold the stuff.

    If you ever attended a lecture with him or had a discussion about art with him, you’d understand why he is held in esteem by many. To continue harassment of this man is simply petty.

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  17. Eden J Gass says:

    Yeah he actually PLED GUILTY to stealing 5 rare maps from Tulane library when he was a professor there. Total scumbag move, as is your glorification of him.

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