Ouch. The Onion Nails Us Again

30 January 2007

FEMA Calls Rebuilding Complete As New Orleans Restored To Former Squalor

The Onion

FEMA Calls Rebuilding Complete As New Orleans Restored To Former Squalor

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“Crusade for the Conversion of New Orleans”

29 January 2007

flyer3.jpgflyer21.jpgflyer1.jpgGee, “America Needs Fatima”, while you’re at it, we could actually use some money, school supplies, levees, etc, but while y’all are down here, be sure to spend a lot!

Yes, Beth informs me (via the flyers) that Krewe du Vieux is going to face organized protesters for, I think, the first time since I’ve been either watching or marching (~1992).

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I hate confrontation, and ordinarily this stuff would have me slightly shaken, if not quite to the point of putting a hold on my costume preparation.  But right now I’m just curious to know how it goes over.  Yeah, NO is a Catholic kinda place, but it also knows the place for satire and good humor.  Even when it might make fun of some–literally–sacred stuff.

I believe that one reason Mardi Gras works here and not in other places who’ve tried to do it is that the “authorities” let the little stuff go and try to keep anything bad from happening (if only they did that the rest of the time we’d probably be ok).  So yeah, I’m sure that our float that year “Turning Wad into Wine” was offensive to some people, they got over it, and we weren’t trying to belittle anyone.  Now the cartpetbagger protesters are coming to right that wrong.

But one thing that often bothers me about our city is that we don’t always take to folks “not from around here” telling us what’s what.

The other thing these protesters need to know is that Krewe du Vieux was a big damn shot in the arm last year as the first big celebration since the storm, and I don’t think even they would have been offended by “C’est Levee” or our float “Spermes Ejaculates the City”…  well, maybe a little, but it’s not like we were making fun of G-d or anything.

Stay Classy, Chicago

27 January 2007

I don’t think it’s fair to generalize about the city (which I’ve loved for a long time) or its people (who like their food and music and sports, much like us) from a few pricks, but we need to make damn sure we don’t get misrepresented by some prick creating stories like this and this.
For the record, I didn’t like the taunt, but Reggie does have class, and we all know it.  Why didn’t this get covered here, as far as I know?

Let’s hope we keep our rep as good fans with some perspective (lord knows, we have more perspective than anyone) even as we keep on winning.

Says It All

26 January 2007


I Was Wrong

22 January 2007

Was I ever.  I really thought there was no chance we would win this game.  I thought we were so clearly the better team, that the weather wouldn’t be a factor, that the Bears were in disarray, that you don’t get to the SuperBowl with a weak QB, that we had too many weapons to be vulnerable, that Reggie Bush isn’t a showboater, that Karma means something….

But I was wrong.  I hate losing, but I’m not really a bad sport.  I think we didn’t play a good game, but I don’t think we didn’t try.  I thought we should’ve put more faith in the run, but we didn’t.  I’m very sad that we lost, but I love this team, and I wish next year could start today.

But it doesn’t.  We went to the airport to greet them, but when we found out the plane was so late, we went home, intending to come back.  Because E and I are both a bit under the weather, we didn’t go back (she protested).  I’m sorry guys, but I’m sure you understand.

Here’s hoping we keep the bulk of this great group intact, and here’s hoping that Peyton gets his and embarrasses those who embarrassed us.

Here’s hoping that Reggie gets back to the humility that made him impossible to criticize, even when his numbers weren’t quite what we wanted.

Here’s hoping that the fans maintain their optimism and gratitude, even though we’ve tasted success.

Here’s hoping that the country continues to get some positive stories out of NOLA, not just the ones involving the Saints.

Thanks, team, for a great ride.

I’m no B.rox, but I did an interview last week before the game on Diva 92.3, which I’d never listened to for 1 minute in my life.  It went fine, and I’ll do another one on the effects of losing and the depression that sometimes results.  The first talk was about the positive effects of the team, and I even said that we’d have no problem with the Bears, even though I didn’t say I thought we’d win the SuperBowl.

I was wrong about the Bears even before the game.  Ugh.

Why Saints Win

19 January 2007


Hey, why are both of those guys holding the ball like they’re running with it? Because they both ARE running with it. This game could hinge on something unexpected like special teams play, and even though Hester can do it, he’d better watch out for my man Weatherford. He averted disaster last week by running for a first on poor blocking. This week, if Hester breaks, watch out, because Steve’s a badass and just might plant Devin on his butt; no TDs off punts for you this week, Devin.

Texas Rules!!!

19 January 2007

Not really.  But you’d never know that from the condescension we get from our western neighbors and their assertion that we started the crime problem in Houston and Cyril’s belief in the love they show for musicians.  Alas, all is not so tidy near the Alamo.