Et Tu, Barack?

Dear President-Elect Obama,

I drank your koolaid long before most of my friends, and I cried when you won.

I knew all along, though, that the time would come that you would bum me out with some stupid sellout move.  I’m fine with most of your cabinet picks, even though they’re not as progressive as I’d like.  Still, you’re clearly valuing different ideas and emphasizing brains.  I knew it would be painful when my near-perfect evaluation of you would take some inevitable hits, but I was hoping it would come after you at least took office.

Rick Warren?  Come on, Barack, you didn’t have to get Jeremiah Wright or an imam, but you didn’t have to get this clown.  I know you’re trying to throw the evangelicals a bone, but that mean you have to completely sell out.

I’ll be praying for your redemption.


One Response to Et Tu, Barack?

  1. Dan Baum says:

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