I can’t believe…

…that I actually have a reasonable, relatively sane Republican representative, but even he can’t get our unreasonable, insane Republican governor to get behind light rail.

…that the Twilight Zone started 50 years ago today.  I’m not scifi fan, but I sure love that show.

…that the Saints and Jayhawks both have undefeated football teams, and it’s already October!

…that this is the first photo of a molecule.

…that this creepy-ass footage is real.

…how badly my new backgammon app kicks my ass.

…that I have two weddings to go to tomorrow (congrats, Kate, Justin, Tania, & Gordon!).  Good thing we don’t start beating the Jets til 3 on Sunday!

2 Responses to I can’t believe…

  1. Adrastos says:

    Dude, you’re a wedding warrior. I’m more suspicious of the Accidental Congressman that you are: every time he’s “reasonable” it’s on something that doesn’t pass or that he votes against in the end.

  2. HammHawk says:

    Oh, man, was I hurting on Sunday. The first one’s groom is Scottish, and his friends brought some very fine stuff in that got things off to a rough start for such a marathon.

    You’re probably right that I’m giving Cao too much of a pass, but I’m so accustomed to outright nuts in that party that I’m easily taken in. We’ll see if he can get something decent done beyond the reasonable rhetoric.

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