Tuesday Noonish Quarterback

Want to know how to claim 100,000 people in your stadium?  You do this and this.

The Saints win again, and although I would’ve enjoyed Brees cruising toward a bunch of records, the team did more this week to scare our coming opponents.  Yep, even if the passing game isn’t going lights-out, the running game, the defense, and now, even the special teams will beat you.  And beat you bad.

Great to see it happening, and I hope the team can keep this kind of harmony going when the chips fall a bit, which they will at some point.  But here’s hoping for a 3-game sweep of the state of New Yawk.  I can’t wait to host the Jets.  Should be a great game.  I like the way they’re playing, but I hope we paste them and their chanty fans.  Also wouldn’t mind if this fall weather stuck around this long.

Thanks to Chef and the gang for hosting us.  What a blast.

Back to Jerry’s ‘Boys.  I was ambivalent last night because I should root against the other teams in our division, but Carolina’s not much of a threat to us this year, and I hate Dallas enough to let that pass anyway.  I’m pleased, though, by the rising consensus that Romo will never be a “great” QB.  It also cracked me up when Kenny Mayne asked Jerry if he was going to have any daytime games this year.  (btw, enjoyable interview with Kenny Mayne on the Sound of Young America podcast.)

A few quick hits:

  • If that’s how Pierre Thomas runs with the flu, look out, league.
  • So sweet to see Colston kicking ass and holding on to the ball so well.
  • I agree completely with Brees:  This is one that we would’ve lost in previous years.  Something’s different now.
  • I think the Bears are the luckiest team going.  They just seem to squeak into every win.
  • Great to see Charles Grant and Will Smith getting ferocious again.  Can you believe that was Smith’s first interception in his career?
  • Sweet, sweet tackle by Lynell Hamilton on Roscoe Parrish’s kick return.  And here I thought Hamilton was a tailback!  Methinks we’ll be seeing that highlight set to the tune of The Saints Are Coming.
  • Pretty nice to shut down Terrell Owens, and this is pretty funny, but that prick loses to us, doesn’t catch a ball, and yet he’s still the main point of the game recap.  After he wears this douchebag ensemble to the press conference and complains that he’s being antagonized by the press.   What a tool.
  • Everybody’s saying it, but Tony Dungy is a real score for NBC.  His analysis of the game is outstanding, and it’s amazing that such a sweet guy could be so good in this league.
  • Speaking of announcers, I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed Matt Millen’s analysis.  He’s a lot better on tv than running a team.
  • The Right can imagine French wimpiness all they want, but Pierre Thomas and Pierre Garcon are a couple of badass frogs.
  • Peter King echoed Mike Greenberg, and they captured what I’ve been thinking but didn’t realize:  Week 4 is too early for a bye week.  You gotta play 5 or 6 at least before the injuries mount up to make that worth it.
  • After I saw that Kurt Warner pulled a Reggie Bush (if RB were a QB) and got a 28-yard sack, I started wondering what the greatest distance to go for a first down in NFL history was.  So I searched the Interwebs with the Google and found this.  Why do these pinheads even give an answer if they don’t know?  I’m not asking what’s the biggest to-go you remember; I want to know what the damn record is!
  • I’m sorry to hear Pennington’s likely done for the year.  I like him.
  • Anybody know why we have so many 3pm games?  I don’t mind, but it seems like we always have noon games, especially in town.  This year, not so much.

Can’t wait to see the chess match between Gregg Williams and Rex Ryan.  Tee hee.  Is it Sunday yet?


One Response to Tuesday Noonish Quarterback

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    In the Superdome, a “bad” seat is defined only by your proximity to ear-shattering noise. So, there’s really not a bad seat in the house. Take note, Jerry World.

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