Wednesday Morning Quarterback


Because Monday and Tuesday are taken, and I’m busy, here we go:

Random thought:  If FoxNews were writing headlines for the Saints, they’d write, “Brees’ touchdowns down by 50% in one week; That never happened when Brooks was QB!”

Old Business (from last week):

  • Forgot to mention what a strong National Anthem Bryan Batt performed.  I’m ambivalent about him because he’s on the best show on tv, and he’s good in it, but he supports his lame-ass brother, who sucks.
  • Still, why the hell is Harry Connick, Jr. singing the anthem in Pittsburgh?
  • Is it just me, or do Jaws & Chuckie sound too much alike to share color commentary duties?  The only real difference in their voice, especially now that they’re apparently telling Gruden to be more “excitable,” is that Jaws talks like he has a little ham tucked into his jowls.

New Business:

  • I’m a little worried, now that we’re getting people’s attention.  Fox has us #4 on the power rankings, Peter King #3 (he’s apologized for predicting 7-9 for us and now says ’09 Brees=’99 Warner–high praise indeed), and football genius Matt Millen has us as his Super Bowl pick.  Ugh, that’s the kiss of death.
  • Before picking Philly to beat us, Ditka said we were the best fans in the league.  Considering how much we sucked when he was our coach, if he can say that, it must be true.
  • 93 points.  Second place is Philly, with 60.  Yikes.  And the defenses of Detroit and Philly were supposed to be their stronger suits.  I’ll be glad when we can beat a full-strength contender, but you can’t feel anything but encouraged at this point.
  • This team feels a little different.  There were a couple of points where I got the feeling we were losing the momentum.  And past teams would have caved, but this team hung in there and didn’t even seem to get concerned.  Like the grit we’re seeing.
  • This isn’t a novel observation, but who is a better QB right now?  Peyton?  Brady?  Hell, Warner?  Roethlisberger?  Nope.  Nobody.  He’s accurate, evasive, smart, and a leader.  Keep it coming, Drew.
  • Glad to see Reggie get a TD, but Jeffrey‘s got a fine point and a hilarious caption.
  • But Reggie, when you win 20 in the show, you can have fungus on your shower shoes.  For now, you haven’t done enough, so quit waving the ball around all cocky until you get in the endzone every game and don’t fumble.
  • I don’t want them to make the season 18 games long, but they need to have 2-fewer preseason games, no matter what.

Finally, a comment about Dallas.  I hate Dallas, always have,  always will.  So I’ve relished the jumbotron controversy and really savored the loss in the Palace in Dallas.  But here’s what really pisses me off.  They’re trumpeting this new record for attendance at an NFL game when 20,000 people didn’t even get to watch it live.  No, they had a “Party Pass.”  What a scam.  And by all accounts, it sucked.  Still, what the hell is someone thinking when they say this:

Absolute Disaster. That’s it. Concession lines were way too long, bathrooms were overcrowded, it reminded me of the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Yep, once again the levee failures have become the convenient hyperbole for any shitty situation.

Bring on the Bills!

UPDATE 1:  WTF?  Vick always dreamed of getting busted for running a dogfighting ring and then getting reinstated?

UPDATE 2:  I’m sure this reeeeally makes Romo feel secure.


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