A little Tuesday morning sports wrap

Fun game in the Sacredome Sunday, with a still-great offense and an improved defense.  Yeah, it was the Lions and all, but I’m always worried about playing a new QB, even a rookie.  A few observations from the game:

  1. Stafford is better than Harrington
  2. I actually saw a guy wearing a Brooks jersey, but I couldn’t tell if he was being ironic
  3. Those beer prices, which have doubled since I first got season tickets less than a decade ago, confirm my decision to bring my flask
  4. On the other hand, I think my seats are cheaper than they were then, so I guess I’ll buy a beer or two, when the flask is empty
  5. Reggie, I’m rooting for you, man.  Thanks for not thinking it’s funny when you fumble (see #2, Brooks)
  6. I’m not saying Brees is the best QB in the league, but I don’t think there’s one better
  7. Mike Bell seems like a damn good fit
  8. Still, Sharper is going to be the big pickup this year
  9. Shockey is probably my least favorite player (or the last guy whose jersey I’d buy), but I’m happy to see him produce
  10. I’m not terribly excited about playing against Garcia
  11. Special teams will lose us at least 2 games this year

A few other sports comments

  1. Serena is lying when she says she can’t remember what she said to the line judge.  As someone whose told a few lies himself, I recognize the twisted mouth and the shifting eyes.  Nobody wants to admit to shameful displays.
  2. Speaking of Serena, I wondered if Mackie Shilstone’s “Postcard from the US Open” would say something like, “Damn, I guess I shouldn’t have given her so many of those “supplements.”
  3. The paper called Shawn Merriman’s alleged choking of Tila Tequila a “spat.”  No, a “spat” is when I think E is overreacting to how I folded the towels wrong.
  4. I think Jay Cutler is the most annoying player in the league, and I don’t think I would’ve known that until I saw how happy I was with his struggles Sunday.  And I kinda like the Bears.
  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re not from New England and have a Brady jersey (or if you’re not from LA and have a Bryant jersey), then you need to think a little differently.
  6. Why so many comments on jerseys?
  7. I felt pretty badly for Buffalo and Oakland last night.
  8. Look for my Jayhawks to win it all this year.  Fine looking crop of freshmen, with plenty of experienced leaders to bring them along.  Not a bold pick this year, but believe the hype.
  9. Speaking of the Jayhawks, it was a treat to meet Julian Wright at the Hornets open house a couple weeks ago.  I had my KU hat on with a Hornets shirt, and he started telling me the dates of the exhibitions they’re playing in the Lawrence area right off the top of his head.  Seems like a really nice guy, and I told him how glad we were to have him in town.  Hope he sticks around.

4 Responses to A little Tuesday morning sports wrap

  1. jeffrey says:

    You know, I’m not one of these paranoids who insists that pro sports is rigged but I watched both Monday Night games and just didn’t doubt their outcomes for one second the whole way through. Something must explain that, right?

    I’m not sure what to do about Reggie. It’s an interesting comparison you make with Brooks. I wouldn’t have minded the smiling and laughing after bad plays if I thought he was just trying to keep a cool head. But, in truth, it came off fake… like he didn’t know how to react so he just laughed it off nervously. I think Bush’s affected overreaction is probably something similar to that, if not worse.

  2. hammhawk says:

    Well, I usually chalk that kind of ending up to coaching. As much as I hate them, SD & NE have good coaches. But it was weird. And I think it often comes down to confidence and knowing you can pull it out.

    On point 2, I suppose you’re right, but it used to make me so angry when Brooks would smile when the whole place was ready to go fill in for him. And Bush is certainly “handled” enough to be coached that throwing your helmet will engender a lot more patience than laughter–nervous or otherwise.

  3. Adrastos says:

    You fold the towels wrong? You twisted bastard.

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