An open letter to Mitchell Hurwitz

Dear Mr. Hurwitz,

I’m writing to apologize to you for not watching Arrested Development in its original airing. We’re just about done with the DVDs (you do get some money from that, don’t you?), and it’s one of the funniest and cleverest shows I’ve seen. We’re at the part now where the characters are begging to keep their jobs, and it really hit home.

Sure, I watched it a few times, but I’d recently gotten HBO, so I was weaning myself from commercials, and that was before I had DVR, so I couldn’t skip them. But I’m sorry I wasn’t part of the movement to keep the show moving.

Still, maybe there’s something to living fast and dying young, like Ricky Gervais’ shows. At least you never jumped the shark (although that stuff about the Brits was a little lame), even though Fonzie was on it (great, BTW).

I think I most appreciate that you had enough innuendo and subtlety to keep it interesting, but it was accessible enough that I could grasp it, and that makes me feel smart.

Anyway, thanks for the great show; it’s been a ton of laughs. Now what’s up with that movie?



3 Responses to An open letter to Mitchell Hurwitz

  1. Mark Gstohl says:

    Glad you’re in a better mood. After I read your earlier entry to my wife this morning, she replied, “Who pissed in his cheerios?”

  2. mhoman says:

    Why was Hammhawk having an early “entry” into Gstohl’s wife? And then he talks about cheerios? I have a degree in psychology, a “social” science, and the cheerios are obviously a vagina, and the pissing, well that’s complicated but at least on some level it’s a phallus. I’d keep a close eye on the goings on of CAT.

  3. hammhawk says:

    Yeah, Mark, it’s little unproductive, but it’s cathartic, and I figured that’s one reason I started this thing.

    Michael, you’re insane.

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