S’long, Nossiter (again)

Kudos to my friend (and Saints seatmate) Gary for his royal sendoff to Nossiter.  Don’t know how they put his name at the bottom but called him “Unknown” at the top.  Either way, glad Nossiter’s gone.


3 Responses to S’long, Nossiter (again)

  1. oyster says:

    Agreed. Nossiter was a ghoul. Thx for linking to that letter.

  2. Adrastos says:

    I met the new NYT man here, Campbell Robertson. He came to RT and the pre-event party. He was friendly and had even read my blog and some of the others. I’m cautiously optimistic about him.

  3. GD says:

    Adam Nossiter, like his airwave counterpart Anderson Cooper, attempted to weave personal fame from the threads of our demise. We expected more sensitivity to our plight from a journalist with local roots but his sensationalistic reporting threatened our recovery at exactly the time when we tried to build public consensus. In many cases, his pessimistic approach produced uneven tales best described as half-truths.

    As examples, I found this phrase in his story on a national conference of librarians “What with ever-present evidence of last year’s destruction, crime shooting up, near-daily fires and continuing malaise… . “ His words translated an important and positive event in our recovery, our first major national conference, into yet another negative tale of the city’s stagnation. He even managed to denigrate the return of the beloved streetcar by focusing on the reduction in ridership. More recently, he predicted in the Times that an issue with trash collection in the French Quarter would ruin the upcoming Carnival season, and then failed to report a speedy resolution of the problem well before the season began.

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