New Orleans dollars?

I heard quite a bit about this in Toronto and could really see it taking off here.  Anybody know of other places it’s been done or its impact?


One Response to New Orleans dollars?

  1. Aaron P. says:

    I know of two other cities that have developed a local currency system: Ithaca Hours and (modeled on this one) Madison (WI) Hours. I am more familiar with the Madison model as I used to live there. The idea behind these local currencies is both to encourage money circulation within the community and also to support the idea of the living wage- one “hour” is equal to $10, which is a far cry from out current minimum wage of $7.25. Of course you need to get large community buy-in to make this currency useful, and the number of mentions of vegetarian potlucks on the Madison Hours website would seem to suggest that it hasn’t quite made it past the co-op crowd, sadly. They do have nicely designed denominations, though, with one even featuring their public library!

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