The Facebook

UPDATED, Dammit!

As a newbie to it, and older than the typical user, I’m sure, I’m applying the obligatory “The” to show my cluelessness.  Still, I have a few observations that I’d like to make:

  • It’s pretty fun, and, as Adrastos noted, a big time-vacuum (I told him I thought I was “networking”).  But I’ve managed to find my first boss from the Silver Plow in Tulsa.  I was 15 and he was 25 and got me beer and took me to midnight movies and generally made me feel cool.  Treated me with respect, but put me in my place a time or two too.  And that was 25 years ago, so it obviously made an impression.
  • I’ve also learned that many of my high school friends are a lot different from me.  That’s to be expected, and it’s a good thing, but it was still a little jarring to see a buddy from the old days with his whole family wearing “Consistent Conservative” t-shirts.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • But it’s also brought back some memories that I’d rather had stayed dormant.  One of the joys of going off to college, and then again to grad school, and then again to a job, is that you can leave the screwups behind and start over, trying to avoid them the second time around.  Now this thing comes along to shove that crap right in my face.  Therefore, I present the following haiku:

Long repressed misdeeds

Old shame and guilt, returning

All thanks to FaceBook

Ah, well, to everyone in my past, I’ll overlook any of your youthful indiscretions and cruelties if you’ll forgive mine.  I’m different now, I promise.

UPDATE:  I almost forgot, my most compelling innovation:  Instead of calling it “friending” people, I think we should call it EFPIEMing people.  This, of course, stands not for our friends, but “Every Fucking Person I’ve Ever Met.”

4 Responses to The Facebook

  1. Shel says:

    I found FB last fall. It literally changed my life. It made me neurotic about the status update. I began to tweet. I wanted more so I started a blog. Nutty dude.

    I found cool people I lost from college. Some cooler than others.

    It also reminded me that in Oklahoma conservative thinking is dominant. Democrats seems like Republicans, with more social consciousness. And the religion thing is HUGE. Not that I forgot about that. Shit, I had to find a cure. Kind of. Not exactly.

    Again, very glad you showed up. I don’t remember you being horrible… but then those brain cells are mostly missing. There was one person I apologized to… vague apology. Basically an “I assume I was an ass at some point.” She was kind in response. We’ve all changed. Right?

  2. Erin says:

    I love haiku. That is all.

  3. Howie Luvzus says:

    Wow. I thought this was kind of a whiny post. Then I got hit with the same shame and guilt. Actually lost sleep over it. Damn!

  4. hammhawk says:

    No, it’s still whiny. Fair enough. I’m over some of it now, but I’m always up for a whine.

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