Gene Simmons is pathetic

My brother sent me a link to Terry Gross’ interview with Gene Simmons, which he apparently wouldn’t consent to release to the archives.  It’s a few years old, but it’s worth attempting a listen.

If you can stomach it, you’ll see what the face of Voodoo’s headliner is all about.  Basically, he’s a misogynistic, pseudointellectual poseur who’s clearly overcompensating for something.  Not sure how much of it’s an act, but I know that I wouldn’t want to spend 30 seconds with him.


One Response to Gene Simmons is pathetic

  1. Howie Luvzus says:

    I actually heard this a few years back. I’ve hated him ever since. He’s an ass. BTW did you get the video I dropped off at E’s office?

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