More on Sotomayor: Has it always been this way?

Probably so, but I don’t like it.  Here’s FoxNews’s headline:

Republicans divided over how to oppose Sotomayor

I know it’s Fox, but I’ve seen the same thing all over the place.  What irks me is that there’s no sense coming from Republicans that they’ll try to determine whether she deserves the post, but just strategies about how to shoot her down and arguments about how she sucks.

Maybe these nominations are always this way and I’m just used to being on the other side for 8 years (was that only 8?), but it seems to just be assumed that the examination of her record is just a way to find evidence against her, rather than a fair evaluation.

Meanwhile, Adam Serwer nails the arguments on the Ricci (firefighter) case you’ve heard about.

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