Weekend Restaurant Roundup

The folks were in this weekend, and my family is pretty into food.  Sadly, they’re also worried about money, but we tried to get them to live it up a little.  Here’s where we made it:

Friday night:  Eleven 79.  We love this place, and the food was excellent as always, but the service was a little spotty.  The guy forgot the wine, left us alone for too long at once, bread was slow in coming (and burnt once).  But damn they make a great pasta.

Saturday lunch:  Ignatius.  I had the salad with no bacon and corn macque choux.  Great stuff, and they loved theirs.  I was bummed by them a while back because they told me there was no meat in the beans, but it turns out there is. Went to La Divina for dessert.  Heavenly, as always, and the word is they’re opening a 3rd location right down the street from us, on Maple!

Saturday dinner:  After getting the run around from Cochon about table availability, we had a late bite at Ye Olde College Inn.  A surprisingly solid cheese poboy, but the real star was the dessert–fried bread pudding po boy, the winner of the dessert contest at the Po Boy Festival.  Really, really tasty, even to the folks at the table who aren’t willing to kill for bread pudding, as I am.

Sunday:  The highlight for mom was Surrey’s.  It’s my favorite breakfast place, and she’s still gaga over her omelette, which had crawfish and brie or something like that in it.  Me, I’m stuck on the roasted veggie omelette, but I add goat cheese and avocado.  Mmm.  And, as always, I got the grapefruit juice w/ ginger.

Overall, successful meals, and I’m glad to see so many places doing well.  But owners and managers–stay on the wait staff!  Some of them are slacking!


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