Long time coming… What’s up with HammHawk?

It always amazes me when I see how long these unanticipated hiatuses (hiati?) end up becoming.  I love having a place to write, but the rest seems to get in the way.  So here’s a quick recap to try to get things moving again:

DSC_0020JazzFest.  Loved it, as always.  Here are my pix.  It was a treat to finally see Bobby Lounge.  And right before the Bingo Show.  Awesome.  Favorite t-shirt:  “Also available in sober.”  I missed the first Friday for some work stuff and realized afterward that I think it was the first day I’d missed entirely in about 8 years.  Never again.  I’m even fine with the Bon Jovis of the world because I tend to skip the big stages, and they create more room for me elsewhere, and help bring in the rubes who pay the bills.

DSC_0068MacAttack.  After years of regretting our switch to PCs, we went Mac.  I got the 24″ iMac, and E got the MacBook.  I’m loving it so far.  We’ll see if file issues emerge, but the greatest thing is the Time Capsule.  I don’t think I’ll need the “go back in time” feature, but having a new wireless router and external HD in one is mighty sweet.  Damn, the pictures sure look cool on this thing.  Thanks to A&G, but I’d love anyone else’s advice on applications.  I’m eschewing Safari, Mail, iPhoto, iCal, and iWork for Firefox, Thunderbird, Picasa, Google Calendar, and Office, but I’m open to suggestions.

DSC_0080Work.  I’ll be chair next year, which I’m not particularly looking forward to, but which has given me the license and incentive to say no or to quit other things.  Like many of us, I get overextended, and this is giving me the chance to regain a little focus.  Mainly, I’m just glad to have a job.

DSC_0002Politics.  I have several unsubmitted editorials that I’ll use this space for soon.  Plenty to be fired up about, but at least we have some semblance of sanity and intelligence in the White House, if not in Red Stick.  I’m fairly pleased with Obama so far.  Although like many progressives I take issue with some of the privacy stuff and so forth, I feel like we’re still getting talked to like adults, and that goes a long way for me.  Rational explanations make disagreeable decisions less so.

DSC_0262Health.  My ass still bothers me.  They said 6 months, but it’s really stopped getting better now, so I don’t know if it will resume a positive trajectory, if this is as good as it gets, or if I’ll need to get the thing taken out.  Today I go to get a skin thing taken out (I’ll spare you, but I could have made some nice horror movie footage if I’d thought to film this thing).

DSC_0114Other Stuff.

  • Saw the new Star Trek.  I’m no Trekie (I heard Treker is the more PC term now), but I enjoyed it.
  • Coquette is very good, but my veggie “entree” was a light snack, IMHO.
  • The folks are coming in tomorrow for a visit.  Been a while; we’ll have to do it up.
  • If you haven’t visited this brilliant site, you must.
  • I missed yet another geek dinner, but I appreciated the invite.  Thanks to the good people who still consider me a blogger, despite the rarity of my posts.
  • This Wooten guns-on-campuses bill makes me sick.
  • So does the Stacy Head-Tracie Washington stuff, on many levels.

DSC_0138Alright, now I have to write.  Thanks, and I’m glad to have the summer to catch up with y’all!

One Response to Long time coming… What’s up with HammHawk?

  1. John Preble says:

    Thanks for mentioning Bobby Lounge.

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