Belated Mardi Gras wrapup & picture links

Wasn’t it nice?!  Someone told me after Krewe du Vieux that they were thrilled that the theme was entirely Katrina-unrelated.  We’re moving on, but we’ll never forget or take it for granted.  I was especially taken with Adrastos‘ group’s Ashley-inspired float.

I seemed to pace myself a little better this year than usual, which actually made it go by a little faster.  Not sure what that’s all about.  It was pretty nice.  Actually made Barkus for the 2nd year in a row, and I can’t get enough.  Nice work, Michael, Howie, et al.

Editor B‘s party was wonderful.  Glad Persephone’s b-day makes it even better.

Fat Tuesday was marvelous.  Great weather, good moods, and phenomenal costumes.  I think this was my favorite.  So simple, yet so brilliant.  Bummed I never thought of it.  This was nicely executed as well.  Edward Dickhands (or whatever you’d call him) was great too.  This is a town of professional costumers.  Hell, even we made it to the T-P’s webpage.

It was a short rest afterward though, as we headed west for my brother’s wedding to Nani.  Congratulations, you guys!  And wilkommen to the family, Nani!


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