Obama appoints Christian Bale as “Cabinet Judgment Czar”

It’s about time, because someone needs to crack a few skulls.  By my count, despite allegedly unprecedented vetting, the new pres (and the rest of us who support him) have been embarrassed by problems with at least 4 potential members of his cabinet or staff, now that Daschle and Killefer have withdrawn, following the withdrawal of  Richardson (Commerce) and the trouble with Geithner (Treasury).  This sucks, and Obama’s willingness to hedge on his promise to crack down on lobbyists is also discouraging and opens him up for criticism.

Don’t ge me wrong, I still think this administration is more competent and less corrupt than the more recent ones, but it still doesn’t look good for this new era, which I’m still hopeful will really be improved.

So that’s why Christian Bale comes in to his new role as the Enforcer.  Tell ’em what’s what, Batman!

BTW, this didn’t take long!


2 Responses to Obama appoints Christian Bale as “Cabinet Judgment Czar”

  1. Sue says:

    Obama will quickly lose his credibility if he continues with these mis-steps. When actions don’t match words, people notice and they lose trust. I love his no lobbying criteria and was saddened to see him backtrack. I’m also embarrassed that his pick for Treasury Sec had tax problems and didn’t disclose them. I bet if there was full disclosure, he wouldn’t have been selected. Feels like a double standard applies to gov’t officials.

  2. HammHawk says:

    Agreed, Sue. Although his mea culpa was a refreshing change of pace from what we’re used to from presidents, and I still don’t really question Obama’s judgment, I think he may put too much faith in some people (I guess that IS a judgment problem). I think we’re seeing that he may have been a bit naive about the power of the DC system. I’m still with him completely though.

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