Is there anything about this guy that DOESN’T rock?

It even looks like he drinks real beer.


pic from HuffPo


5 Responses to Is there anything about this guy that DOESN’T rock?

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    Yeah, but that beer looks awfully close to the one I’m drinking right now.

  2. hammhawk says:

    Oh God, say it isn’t so! He’s just a pretender?! Ready to have you back among the really-living, Chef.

  3. Ricardo says:

    What would be worse a guy who invited friends and foes over for cocktails but may drink an NA when the future of the country is at stake or a guy who claimed to be sober but sure looked drunk as soon as he was seen in the morning. This was the same guy who questioned his opponants war service when the closest when got to the front lines they were on a mirror and the weapons of choice were a rolled up C-notes and a razor blades.

  4. HammHawk says:

    Fine point, Ricardo. I didn’t mean to come across as serious about his drinking an NA; I was just hassling Chef, who’s on the wagon. Our new president, unlike our previous one, has been forthright about his life, and that’s an important thing. Truly, I don’t care what he drinks, if anything; I just thought it was cool that he was hosting cocktail parties and enjoying a real beer. Cheers!

  5. Ricardo says:

    The conservatives will have a heyday when he invites Michael Phelps to the Whitehouse.

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