Shouldn’t That Be “Baby Giant Anteater”?

28 January 2009

Giant baby anteater goes on display today at Audubon Zoo

Either way, I’ll bet it’s cute!

I Agree, Peter, and You Still Suck, Tracy

28 January 2009

Peter King, a distant but sincere Saints supporter, included two entries in his column that ought to give us hope:

3. I think the Saints have absolutely zero worries about Reggie Bush resuming his career and playing well in 2009 after what was announced as microfracture surgery on his knee by the renowned Dr. James Andrews after the season. “Microfracture” is a scary term. It’s used to describe a surgery in which there’s significant bone-on-bone contact with little cartilage left to cushion the contact, and the surgeon attempts to regenerate cartilage and increase blood flow in the affected area. “In Reggie’s case,” coach Sean Payton said over the weekend, “all Dr. Andrews did was prick the bone three times during the surgery [to regenerate blood flow]. He doesn’t think it’s the classic microfracture. I fully expect Reggie to be ready by June 1.”

4. I think, speaking of the Saints, I don’t like the naming of Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator. I love it. He’ll bring toughness and an accountability I didn’t see with the New Orleans D last year.

Within a week of the inauguration of Barack Obama, we received another sign that the world is moving toward some sense of righteousness and justice.  I’m speaking, of course, of Chris Paul being catapulted to Western Conference starting point guard in the All Star Game.  This is such a no-brainer that we could have sued if he hadn’t won, but it’s especially gratifying that he beat out Tracy McGrady.  I hate Tracy McGrady, partly because of this line from ONE year ago:

“If I don’t feel that I’m going to be safe, if I am on that team, I will look into probably not even going,” McGrady said.

Gee, it wasn’t really a problem, since you had a booboo anyway, but it’s beautiful that CP3 once again beat out this chump from Houston.