Me and My Coccyx

So on 12th Night, I was dutifully putting up our Mardi Gras decorations, and I took a bit of a spill.  Everyone says I fell off a ladder, but it would be more precise to say that the ladder dropped me.  Here’s what happened.

Several months ago, our insurance company required us to install a handrail on each set of steps on our front porch.  It was expensive, but we’d wanted to do it anyway, so fine.  Well, even though for 8 1/2 years I’ve been leaning our ladder against the columns to put up the stuff several times a year, the new handrails screwed up the angle at which I lean the ladder.  Well, in a bit of a fluke (unless you buy the conventional wisdom that I’m just a klutz), it started raining as I was on the last column, with the ladder leaned at that precarious angle.  Well, a little wiggle from me was all it took, and the ladder slipped out from under me, and I landed–ass-first–on that handrail.

I find it ironic that the safety device ended up causing me incredible pain.  Yeah, I could’ve been more careful, but that kills the beauty of the story.

Anyway, it’s been almost 3 weeks, and I’m still in some real pain.  We left the Crosstown Classic (congrats Nuggets & Rush!) early because I couldn’t sit any longer.  I can’t lie on my back, and any exercise starts to hurt.

The problem is that I’ve dislocated my coccyx, a useless part of our bodies that’s the end of the vertebrae.  My doc says this is a new one for him, in that the nature of the dislocation is unlike any he’s seen from trauma.  So we’re not sure what to do, but because I seem to have reached a plateau in my recovery (it’s a hell of a lot better than it was, when I couldn’t stand without wincing in agony, but still I won’t go on like this if I can help it), I expect to have surgery to remove it.  They don’t think they can get it back in place.

The coolest thing about that is I’m hoping they’ll let me keep the bones to make an earring.  Anyway, here’s the CT scan, and the damage is at the bottom in the right-hand 3rd of the image.  I think it’s supposed to be lined up with the rest of the white stuff, but I’m no Alfred Einstein.


6 Responses to Me and My Coccyx

  1. Ross Louis says:

    “The coolest thing about that is I’m hoping they’ll let me keep the bones to make an earring.”

    Much cooler would be an e-bay auction that somehow generates enough money for you to buy a round of drinks for, say a month, for your hardworking colleagues.

    Glad the pain is getting better.

  2. hammhawk says:

    Uh, Ross, you seem a little focused on the booze for a Monday morning. Is everything ok? It’s almost as though you’ve been depriving yourself. I’m concerned.

    Update: Apparently, I can expect this to continue to get better, even if it doesn’t seem so now. Might take months, but the assumption now is no surgery. Guess I’ll go back to something else for jewelry.

  3. mickymackyg says:

    To steal from our friend and doc…nice ass, hammhawk.

  4. […] My ass still bothers me.  They said 6 months, but it’s really stopped getting better now, so I […]

  5. jake says:

    He go to this website and read about this problem. You DO NOT want the surgery if you can avoid it. There are many risks involved, including the possibility of permanant incontenance (loss of ability to control your bowels), and there is a high risk of post-operatitive infection from this surgery. There are many important muscle connections and nerves associated with your tailbone. The surgery should be a very very last resort. Check out this website:

  6. hammhawk says:

    Thanks, Jake! I’ll keep searching for solutions.

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