Things I Didn’t Know til Yesterday

I watched WAAAAAY too much inaugural coverage, but of course this was the first time I was truly excited about it.  Still, I should have turned off the tube a lot sooner, given the level of crap that was repeatedly thrown at us.  Here’re some tidbits that may surprise you:

  1. Rosa Parks was a hero for not getting up on a bus in Birmingham, so they had that famous Birmingham bus in the parade.  And here, I always thought it was the Montgomery bus boycott…
  2. Clarence Thomas was the first Black member of the Supreme Court.  Jeez, I seem to remember someone named Thurgood Marshall, but I must be imagining…
  3. Barack Obama, presumably because he’s Black, loves to dance and has rhythm.  Someone named Hilary Rosen said repeatedly, to the delight and concurrence of her colleagues, that she was glad to have a president with rhythm.  And here I thought that the fact that he can’t dance (and clearly doesn’t really like to) and doesn’t clap to the beat of the band meant that he didn’t have rhythm, but apparently I’m wrong.  I guess I’m not letting my preconceived notions of his race help me see him for who he is–just a guy to reinforce my stereotypes; after all, he IS good at basketball.

3 Responses to Things I Didn’t Know til Yesterday

  1. Maitri says:

    The Rosa Parks bus normally sits in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. But, Birmingham has the most amazing Civil Rights Institute which also has a bus (one that was bombed, I think) and I want to give the commentators the benefit of the doubt of being confused. (NOT!)

    Yeah, that Thurgood Marshall, he was just some clerk.

  2. squuiiiddddd says:

    white man’s burden..america is going to crap in a handbasket……why do the 4 states with the highest black populations vote overwhelmingly for mccain? (louisiana, alabama, mississippi and georgia)? becuse those 60% white folk hate black people sooooo much…n m n bulshyt……of course rosen loves obama…jews love kisssing black ass…..this country was built in god we trust…not on zion ethics of watermelon lovers

  3. hammhawk says:

    I think what squuiiiddddd is trying to say is, “I have a very low self-image.”

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