Things fall apart

I’m incredibly bummed that my camera is on the fritz.  And this during a span in which I’m visiting Turkey and South Africa for the first time.  Sheesh.  I bought a cheapie to make due, but still.

Then I feel that one of the all time greats, George Carlin, has died.  I always loved his albums and tv appearances, but it wasn’t til I saw him live that I really understood what a genius he was.  He timed everything perfectly.  It seemed almost improvised, but you could tell he knew exactly where to put the pauses, where to put the long and short jokes, and so on.  Damn, he was funny.

On a less consequential–to me–note, is Jared really dead?  The Snopes entry about this is old.  Maybe you folks back in the states know the real deal.

Turkey continues to impress.  I’ve recently seen cave dwellings and paintings, an underground city whose construction started in the Hittite era, watched whirling Dervishes, and a lot more.  And tomorrow I’ll eat (part of) and ostrich egg.  Mmm?


One Response to Things fall apart

  1. Editor B says:

    CAT has a nice Olympus C8080-W that faculty can check out.

    PS: Pretty sure Jared’s still alive.

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