Starbucks ambivalence

Once again, I don’t know how to feel about a welcome influx of tourist money, this time in the form of a Starbucks convention.  As a coffee shop regular (like right now), I love the local joints and never go into Starbucks in town.  I admit that if I’m at a conference or something and it’s the only thing I can find, I’m there, but I’m glad to know that they struggle some here.

My feelings really got confused when I was pissed that they didn’t open up right away, despite their boatloads of money, and then I was pissed when they did open, over a year after the storm, when it was clear what areas might be more profitable.  No more opportunistic company conveys itself with such a warm persona.

Maybe while they’re here they’ll continue work on Phase Two.

Either way, it’s an excellent opportunity to revisit this guy.


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