Animalia*–A tribute to McGuire

This morning, our friends G&S are putting their wonderful cat Marfreless to sleep. He’s been with S for 18 years, which is a long time. He’s had a good life, and it’s time, but it’s sad. And I’m sad for G&S.

Maybe fittingly, this is exactly one year to the day from when we put McGuire to sleep, whom E had for 18 years. She had to do it herself because I was out of town, and I’ll regret that forever. She got him a year before she met me; that’s the two of us at the right back in 1992. I’ve been derelict in not honoring the great McGuire, who was a true cat-lover’s cat (as E says), and her favorite living being, present authors notwithstanding. I posted obits for Slim and WhoopyCat, who also died within 12 months of Mac, but I just never got around to giving him his props.

Simply put, McGuire helped me appreciate cats for what they are (warts & all), and I miss him, but I also have to admit that I miss him more for what he meant to E. She mourns him daily. We both miss you, you big grouch, and we’ll always love you.

The problem is, I’m allergic to cats. I somehow got acclimated to Whoopy & Mac, but I’ve sure been breathing better since we had the house cleaned. E’s hating it, but it has made a big difference. Still, it’s a little empty without those cats.

Meanwhile, a few months after Mac’s demise, we got HeyBaby (that’s her in the foreground on the porch w/ Denali). My friend Brad got her on some whim (he’s lived in Africa for years), and his Idaho foster parents needed a break, so we took her. She’s a wonderful Australian cattle dog, and we love her. She’s a little hyper (and scratches her way under the bed every night, to our amusement), but she’s sharp and loves her brother Denali.

Our more recent projects have involved spaying/neutering the spays in our backyard. Here are a few of them on the left We’re up to 7 so far, including Mama, Jackie Jr. & Little Carmine (so named because they as kittens they swiped our goldfish Tony & Carmela), Blackies I & II, Rehab, & Sib. We still haven’t caught Sweet (who seems to have kittens we haven’t seen yet), but we’ll get her and her young-uns taken care or asap. For now, they’re rewarding to have around.

Once in a while, they share the table with this raccoon, who stops by every couple of nights.

Every now and then, the dogs wake us up and we find this guy (or gal) sneaking snacks. In fact, I’ve seen Possum, Jr. in the front yard a couple times.

Damn, I love living around animals. I can never get enough of them.

So, in honor of McGuire and Marfreless, show a little kindness to the critters we’re blessed to have around. I sure miss them when they’re not around.

*A great book by Graeme Base, btw


2 Responses to Animalia*–A tribute to McGuire

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  2. Dr. A says:

    I am so sorry to hear of these losses….it is hard to put a pet to sleep even when it is the right thing to do. Yes, there are those special cats that make you appreciate the species. We still talk about the old ones who were such a part of our lives… sister complained to me “you talk about that cat like she’s still alive!”….but when some creature has been part of your life for 18 years…they are very much a part of the script of your life as well as family members…. We miss our Charlie (15) , Window (16), Manet (19), and Pogo (had her for only 5 but she was 10-11) every day.
    Sounds like you have a multi-species “cluster household” to keep you busy and in furry love. 🙂 I developed allergies to cats about 3 years after setting up our cluster household; got rid of the allergist when he told me to get rid of the cats!

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