Two quick questions

Q1:  What current Hornets players do you think have the most promising commentator careers?

A:  Nope, judging from their enthusiasm and appeal in this thank you, it’s Bonzi Wells and Ryan Bowen.

Q2 (and here I really want the answer):  Who’s selling t-shirts that say Obamanem?  I want one, and a guy I met at Bayou Boogaloo said they were selling them, but I couldn’t find them.


3 Responses to Two quick questions

  1. most of u posters are disenfranchised whites…..former new orleanians in jefferson and st tammany ……its not that u are racist…but being born down here and being white…..u have seen ur whole life how integration hasnt really worked…and how blacks in this area are not taking care of their own children….you can give them all the new schools, playgrounds, textbooks, computers, etc you want…state of the art this and that but none of it really adds up to a decrease in crime or an increase in education and accountability until their parents start taking an initiative in holding their kids accountable for their behavior in and out of school

    right now our biggest cross to bear is calling out mayor nagin and his deplorable administration…no answers…no crime cameras….granite contracts for family….slush funds…..a house in dallas…callous comments about homeless people and white people and 911 victims…………the whole country is watching this and not visiting us out of fear!

  2. hammhawk says:

    No, they’re racists.

  3. Chef Who Dat says:

    I’ve seen the t-shirt for sale at a monthly market held on Harrison Ave.:

    I bet if you e-mail them with a description, they’d give you the vendor’s name and contact info.

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