Is this a crime for white people too?

That’s the question my friend Dave added to this crime report he got from Tulane:

Off-Campus Burglary
Saturday, May 17, 2008, at 11:30 P.M.

800Blk of Broadway St.

The victim was in his room at his residence when an unknown black male suspect stuck his head in the door.  The victim asked the suspect who he was looking for.  The suspect responded with a name that was unknown to the victim.  The suspect then fled the house.  The suspect may have stolen a wallet from one of the residents.

Suspect’s Description:

Black male, late 20’s, approximately 6’0” and 200-210 pounds.  The suspect was wearing a white t-shirt, blue mesh shorts, and a baseball hat.


1.         Keep doors and windows locked.
2.         Maintain good exterior lighting.
3.         Trim foliage around residence.
4.         REPORT emergencies to TUPD @ 5200 or NOPD @ 911.

5.         When Traveling between your vehicle and residence have keys in hand and ready to use.
6.         BE AWARE of your surroundings at all times.

Posted May 19, 2008
Department of Public Safety’s
Office of Crime Prevention & Victim Resources

“Victim”?  Of what?

“Suspect”?  Of what?  Oh, that’s right, he “may” have stolen a wallet.


3 Responses to Is this a crime for white people too?

  1. wake up says:

    at what point are liberals uptwon going to realize that integration hasnt worked and they need to lock their doors

  2. el gooch says:

    if you lived in the westbank or new orleans east or mid city you wouldnt like black people at all like the rest of us………if i lived uptown i would love black people cause the only people that walk around there are rich white chicks in and out of whole foods with lil puppies

  3. hammhawk says:

    Dear Readers, I don’t know why I’m drawing out the fuckmooks, all of a sudden…

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