Rights & Prejudice

I’m sure the DavidDukes of the world are threatened by this, but I was happy to see that CA just overturned a same-sex marriage ban. I’m sure this isn’t the end of the issue, but it’s a good step. This after last night we celebrated Ron & Tim’s 29th year together. Congrats, fellas.

UPDATE:  I feel like an idiot for not being more skeptical about the timing of the ruling, which once again may prove to be lethal to the Dems.  As much as I wish we could just get to full equality, perhaps we can lose the battle and win the war if the 3 candidates are in agreement here.  CA will still scare some fence-sitters into voting for McCain though, as the WV folks all over the web saying they don’t like Obama because he’s Muslim or hates America–or is Black–indicate.  But Michael Kinsley had the real answer several years ago.

Not to lower the level of debate or anything, it looks to me as though Manu and Tim are celebrating the ruling already (pic from ESPN.com):


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