My crusade

I’ve decided that I’m going to start removing as many of those racist bumper stickers that are all over town.  I don’t know exactly who puts them up, but I’m tired of them.  I don’t know why I’ve always just ignored them til now, but I think I’ve been a little afraid that people might think I was putting them up rather than taking them down.

Yesterday I was taking one off a sign at the light at Carrollton and Oak, and I had to stand on the base of the sign post to get to it, which took me a minute.  A sheriff’s car was waiting at the light, and he passed as I was getting the sticker off.  The driver, of ambiguous ethnicity, waved at me, so I feel encouraged.

I know taking down the stickers won’t get rid of racism, but it couldn’t hurt.


10 Responses to My crusade

  1. Michael Homan says:

    Why not put gray paint over them?

  2. quiet riot says:

    bring apartheid back!

  3. white people are tired of dealing with the remnants of slavery every day of their lives in the south….the killings, shootings, baby’s mama’s, baby’s mama’s mama’s, section 8, welfare, social parasitic attitude that is prominent in new orleans

  4. hammhawk says:

    QR, I’ll let Ashley respond: FYYFF
    CR, thanks for speaking for all white people, the ones who benefit everyday from the fact that they weren’t slaves.

  5. white guy from westbank says:

    if i grew up in the bay area or long island or something i would like black people too……but i grew up in the south and i have seen firsthand every day how black people slowly destroy communities (worse than jewish people even)

    why hasnt anyone held the looters accountable after they stole non essentials on national tv during katrina?

  6. Marion says:

    Didn’t know you had this blog hamm. Editor_b clued me in.

    Regarding this post…touchy subj.! Just for your readers…when you injure
    a race, we all suffer the consequences. Need help on your sticker runs?…let me know.

  7. hammhawk says:

    Yeah, Marion, that post really brought out the wackos, didn’t it?

    I’m taking down the stickers whenever I see them, so feel free to join in! See you soon.

  8. KAren says:

    I applaud your efforts and will take the time to stop and take them down.

  9. why dont you guys do something useful like actually hold your politicians accountable of ruining the city every day by not being involved with the city’s recovery……no crime cameras working. bought a house in dallas, slush funds for aids, chocolate city comments, hole in the ground comments, send the homeless on a 1 way bus out of town comments………..crime is out of control……….i say we vote for arnold fielkow next go round

  10. HammHawk says:

    Thanks, Karen. I’ve removed 16 of them so far. It helps that I’m tall, and I’ve started carrying around a scraper.

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