Belated JazzFest Wrapup

Karen & EOn the left is Karen (L), with E(R). If you’re a BrassPasser, you know her as the wonderful woman who is always cheerful and on-task, checking you in. We’ve seen her there for years but didn’t know her name until we saw her at a Hornets game. One JF I’d forgotten my pass, went home and got it, and she told me she could’ve let me in on credit because she knows us. She’s one of the people who make JF great.

I’m one of those every-day JazzFesters. I know it’s expensive and has its problems, but I feel so in-my-element there that I can’t resist. I love it so much that I’ve decided to bury the hatchet with Cyril. I’m sure he’s relieved. Some quick-hits:

The RootsBest non-local set–The Roots. I’d seen them a couple times before, but this one was incredible. Strains of In a Gaga Davida, into Apache. Cover of Bob Dylan’s Masters of War to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. Lots of other great stuff, plus a visit from Ludacris, who urged us to take care of the environment. Gotta love a hip hop band with a sousaphone, y’all.

Best local set–Trombone Shorty’s was wonderful, and I’m glad to see that he and James are cutting down on the talking and getting back to the playing. Terrific stuff. But maybe the best was the surprise of the Midnite Disturbers, who comprised members of Galactic, Big Sam, and many more. Awesome, especially in the middle of the pouring rain.

New Orleans Bingo! ShowRevelation–New Orleans Bingo! Show, whom I’d never managed to see before now. I’ll be catching them again soon. Great theatrics, great music, great sense of humor. Can’t believe I went this long without seeing them.

George Porter/Eddie Christmas Award for Busiest Fest Musician–This year it’s Shamarr Allen in a walk. Damn, that guy’s everywhere, not that I’m complaining! And Matt Perine was ubiquitous too. Great musicians.  And then of course there’s this guy (I can never catch his name) and Lady Tambourine, who’s pissed because Team Quint won’t let her on stage all the time.

Grub–Still love the veggie red beans, and the jama jama. I don’t need anything else there but beer.  Well, ok, the occasional falafel.

Chief Complaint–SURELY there’s a way to do something about that stink, especially around the food. The mud kills more business than the rain that made it.

Musical Query I–Why did Alejandro Escovedo quit so early? He was rockin’.

Query II–Was Anders TRYING to look like Hunter S. Thompson? 

Bela FleckQuery III–Any idea what Bela Fleck is doing here?

Coolest Tattoo–The Giving Tree The Giving Tree

Coolest Button–I’m Not OK

Adrastos & Dr. ABlogger Laugh–When I was showing E all my pix, she saw this one of Adrastos & Dr. A (whom she’s never met) and said, “Oh, that’s Androgynous or whatever!”  All I could say was Dayam.

Thanks to everyone at JazzFest for keeping it real.  Some people will complain, but I’d pay a lot of money to keep seeing Kirk Joseph, Kermit, Bonerama, Michael White, Uncle Lionel, and the rest keep doing their thing.

If anyone’s inclined, I’ve posted all my JF pix in my first Collection on Flickr here.


3 Responses to Belated JazzFest Wrapup

  1. Adrastos says:

    Dayam indeed and I’d hear she was your much better half. Of course, I heard that from a certain malaka…

  2. Martha says:

    Did you get a jazz fest poster? My brother-in -law did this years of Irma Thomas.

    We are so proud.

  3. hammhawk says:

    No, I didn’t get this year’s, Martha, but tell your brother-in-law that he did a terrific job! I saw Irma’s reaction, and she seemed to love it too. Well done!

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