A few miscellaneous observations

Is George “bowtie” F. “vitiated” Will really calling Barack elitist?  How’s the silver-spoon everyman we have in there now working out for you?

I don’t know if it’ll be there tomorrow, but the roasted garlic on the salad bar at Whole Foods tonight rocked.  Get it when you can… by the pound.

Speaking of WFM, tonight I ran into Troy Andrews and Deacon John there.  I love seeing greatness at my store.

For the record, I’ve liked Chris Rose more than most bloggers, but I thought his tribute to Ashley was really good.

Speaking of Ashley, is it just me, or does the “Remember Ashley Morris” picture (and I need someone to help me put that up) look like he should be posthumously dubbed thus.

Michelle Obama will be the perfect first lady, in my view.  (Note the legs comment down toward the end)

The perfect response to Obama’s “bitter” controversy:

Young ManArtie Jefferson,
Tour Guide
“Hillary knew a young, inexperienced Obama would slip up sooner or later and be honest with people.”

I’ve often said that the racism in NO would dissipate a lot of people would just come onto Xavier’s campus and eavesdrop on students’ conversations.  Yeah, there’s plenty of banality going around, but today was the first day of our Festival of Scholars, and there’s some damn fine work going on.

Today when I got home a poller from Tulane & Kaiser interviewed me on my life since K.  I noted that although I said my life is overall very good, I ended up answering that I’m dissatisfied with a lot of things.  It’s a bit like something in psyc we call “false uniqueness.”

Ashley’s in the book.  I’ve added a bit from Ashley’s obituary to the chapter from E’s & my Psychology of Disasters book that deals with the rally effect.  I know most of us were rabid pro-NOLA people before the storm, but I know that we’ve gotten more defensive and vehement since, much like the flag pins that emerged after 9/11.  I hope it’s a good bit of subtle tribute.

In solidarity with Tibet, I am refusing to compete in the China olympics.  You’re welcome.


One Response to A few miscellaneous observations

  1. Adrastos says:

    There was some dayam fine stuff happening at Xavier? Dayam…

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