Reflections on Ashley

Alright, I’m the first to admit that I didn’t know Ashley as well as most, and I promised myself I wouldn’t blog after drinking, but Ashley would probably be ok with it, so here you are.

Damn, hell of a tribute, Howie, Ray, and the rest.  I mean really sweet.  I truly hope they’ll post their text soon.

I’ve thought a lot about Ashley this week, and I probably have nothing new to add, but I’ll try anyway.

Hana, you have more strength than I do, and I admire you and wish I could do more to help you.

Bart & Xy, I hope Persephone stays in town and catches the NOLA bug.  For all the reasons I didn’t reproduce, I hope your spawn makes the world better.  And I expect that’ll be the case.

FWIW, Maitri, your post was my news that Ashley had died, and you delivered the news as well as anyone could have.

It was a thrill to meet Dangerblond, and Howieluvzus, you rock.  Ray, that was the greatest eulogy short of (or maybe exceeding) my friend Michael Pierce playing Amazing Grace for his dad, who lived next door to us.

Ashley, I meant to bring you some booze, but as Maitri said, you had plenty, and I toasted you at Juan’s with G Jack.  We WILL miss you, friend.

The main thing I would’ve said about Ashley is how he welcomed me to the blogosphere.  I commented on his blog, and he said he’d put me on his blogroll.  Of course my numbers soared, and then ebbed, but that’s about right.  He and I chewed the fat at float construction for KdV, and again, he made me feel like I belonged.  Wish I’d told him how much I appreciated that.

Speaking of which, I got a call from Stewart tonight, who’d been hipped to my my blog from a friend, and it reminded me how much those posts can matter.

So, I hereby pledge, every now and then, to say FUCK, in Ashley’s honor.

Ashley, we miss you, and we feel empty without you.  Folks, we all need to be a little more free to prophecy, as Howie told us, and I’ll be there, even if it makes me uncomfortable.


5 Responses to Reflections on Ashley

  1. Karen says:

    Sorry I didn’t meet you yesterday. I was there sweating

  2. Sophmom says:

    I almost asked you if you were a blogger when we introduced ourselves by name, but I’d just struck out doing that three times. Anyway, nice to meet you, darlin’. I was there sweating too (I was the one in the black shirt).

  3. hammhawk says:

    Maybe we need something like at reunions where people wear pix of themselves from high school so we can know better. Or maybe someday I can make it to a geek dinner and get to know people. I’ll look forward to meeting under good circumstances soon.

  4. I’m impressed – I wouldn’t be able to type that well after drinking… I used to be the secretary of a club and we drank during the meetings. I’d come home, type up the minutes while they were still fresh in my head. I’d have to rewrite most of it the next day.

  5. hammhawk says:

    Yeah, my problem typically isn’t the typing, it’s the content. I’m guilty of awakening and saying, “jeez, what was I thinking.” It always seems like a good idea at the time! I’m glad to know about your blog, Nolacleophatra!

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