Too Soon?

copeland.gifWhen I’m dead, people who think I’m a prick are hereby permitted (encouraged even) to continue to think I’m a prick. Just like Al Copeland.

No, I never met the guy, and now I never will, but I think he’s a prick, and I will continue to do so until I learn that I shouldn’t. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

I agree with Chris Rose that his love of life is to be admired (although I disagree that AC’s town was New Orleans; Metairie is not New Orleans). But I can’t forgive how he let his businesses scar the landscape, not to mention what they serve has done for people’s perceptions of New Orleans cuisine.

I admit to having been amused during slow points in past Hornets games watching Al and his band of thugs sitting courtside with their tight faces, preternaturally black hair, and snug $500 silk shirts. But those resources should have gone into removing the blight at Napoleon and St. Charles that has sat boarded up since 2005. Unforgivable. And that’s to say nothing of his eyesores further toward Lee Circle.

The brawl at Morton’s, the traffic at his Metairie house, the multiple silico-spouses–that stuff I can handle. But benefiting from a generous bankruptcy agreement while not fixing his properties is something I can’t handle. So forgive me for not jumping on the “he was one of a kind” praise of the guy.

Paul Prudhomme, now that’s a restaurant guy who deserves our praise.

3 Responses to Too Soon?

  1. Sophmom says:

    Really well said: “…tight faces, preternaturally black hair, and snug $500 silk shirts.” Eww.

    Middle Son moved into his first apartment one house off the corner of Napoleon on Carondelet in June of 2005 and lived there until last summer. His leaving that intersection like that was indeed a disgrace, and the city allowing it is perhaps worse.

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