T-Mac was right

As my friend Gary put it:

McGrady said something bad would happen if he came to New Orleans.  How about 25 points in the 2nd half?

This team is never out of it.  On a night when we couldn’t hit an outside shot for anything, tenacious defense and some sweet driving plays got the job done.  Can’t wait for Saturday against the Celtics.  Once again, #1 in the West vs. #1 in the East, and I like our chances!

Even though I didn’t take him up on it, Chef-Who-Dat wins the big prize (a drink, probably) for his idea of going as T-Mac’s security detail.  I liked it but didn’t have time to get it together.

But we did sit in front of some young punks who decided they were Rockets fans.  And they were obnoxious as hell about it.  E and I spent the first half leaning forward to distance ourselves as much as possible from within a packed arena.  I don’t mind visiting fans, but mocking the Hornets’ initial ineptitude was a bit much (especially from some pimply prick with a McGrady jersey over his green polo with the collar turned up).  E doesn’t like me to confront punks like that (“They’re just kids”) so my only response was a stage whisper to her:  “When it’s your first time at a big league game, you get a little excited.”  And of course they were gone by the time we took that game over.


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