We’re all still in college

I was listening to a recent This American Life, the theme of which was returning to childhood.  One woman was reminiscing on her time at Tufts when a couple of guys put together an absurd act in which one of them rode on the shoulders of the other and proclaimed himself to be Giant Man.  The got a cult following, as you might imagine, and her wistful tone was notable.  One thing she said struck me:

When you’re a student, it still feels like something exciting might happen at any moment.  Life feels full of all this potential.  But when you get out of school, that potential just doesn’t seem to be there.

I thought to myself, “Man, I feel like that she did in college, and I feel it all the time.”  Living in New Orleans does mean that the potential is there for something exciting to happen at any moment.   I’m not sure if our similarity to a just-beyond-adolescence age is necessarily a good thing (we certainly could have taken more time to hold the Corps accountable before the storm), but I think it speaks to why I love my city.  I like that characters like Giant Man are around all the time, especially during our many costuming opportunities.  Predictability is good for some things, but it can get boring too.  Indeed, something exciting is always right around the corner.

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