Odd San Dends

My sports teams are in free-fall.  Three straight losses by the Hornets, and two by the Jayhawks.  Come on, fellas, turn it around!  I’ll be there tomorrow to see if NO can right the ship against the Suns, but I’m pessimistic, given how badly Tyson was beat up by Brendan Haywood last night.  Even a washed-up Shaq should be a juggernaut.

And you thought Clinton and Obama were mad at each other!

Maybe it’s because you were being bitches!

This if funniest if you took Intro Psyc.

Adrastos has a nice take on the Oscars, nice because I agree with it.  One thing E and I observed was how many winners were not American.  I’m sure both right-wingers in Hollywood will try to use it to close the borders to Hollywood, but it does make me wonder if we’re seeing the effects of shitty arts funding.

With Dodd and Emmitt, Barack can’t lose!

Although I don’t always find them funny, I enjoyed this back-&-forth between Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel.


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