Hornets in Slate

Whether we make it or not, we’re not done shouting.

David Ramsey, we’re glad you’re here.  Keep doing good work, and I hope we can keep this great team here (and great).  You’re fairly new to New Orleans, but you seem to get it, so thanks.

On a personal note:  I know a bunch of other folks are talking about the Hornets, and if anyone there is still resisting going because the NBA is boring, give them a few tries.  Frankly, I’m addicted now, and even E has gotten into the mood, for which she resents me.  This team is great, they play with real energy, they’re good guys who are easy to support, and it’s just plain fun basketball.  In past years, I went out of civic obligation and because, well, it’s the NBA.  Now I’m going to as many games as I can and enjoying every minute of it.  Last night we got crappy seats but I was riveted watching Chris Paul school Jason Kidd over and over.  We’re an elite team, so give it a try, and maybe enough people will become junkies like me and we can actually keep this team here.


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