My night with the cool kids

Last night was Valentine’s, and I really screwed it up. I put off making reservations until there was nothing available, so we ended up eating at Hipstix. Not terrible, but I don’t know why I’d ever go back.

Anyway, I wanted something in the Warehouse district because we had tickets (thanks, Stephanie) for Zo & Magic’s 8-Ball Challenge. Not exactly E’s idea of a romantic evening out to try to see celebrities play in a pool tournament. I persisted because I’m sometimes a sucker for celebs and I like pool, and because I felt like we should at least make an appearance since Stephanie gifted them to us. So we went.

After looking at the website, I figured that we lowlifes would be relegated to some 3rd tier balcony with the other schlubs while the pretty people mingled out of our reach. That’s not what happened. We entered through security to brass bands and immediately saw Chris Tuckerchris-tucker.jpg coming in. I didn’t think we’d have access to him, but we did. Then came Dr. J and his beautiful wifedr-j.jpg. Then an almost-unrecognizable Carmelo Anthonycarmelo.jpg, clearly fond of himself. They were all very close by, immediately making me regret not having my camera, but I got a few bad shots with the iPhone (needs lots of light).

We figured the red-carpet action would be the end of it, but then we went inside and nearly bumped into Reggie Bushreggie-bush.jpg lining up a shot. Yeah, his girlfriend’s butt really does defy gravity. E was thrilled to see ex-KU star (now Celtics star) Paul Piercepaul-pierce.jpg, who is singlehandedly responsible for fostering her love of college hoops.

So we spent an hour or so mingling and wandering and gawking. Other folks we saw (and recognized): Ludacris ludacris.jpg(the host), Lisa Leslie & Chris Paullisa-leslie-chris-paul.jpg, Gabrielle Union & Vivica A. Foxgabrielle-union-vivica-a-fox.jpg, Magic Johnsonmagic.jpg, Kevin Durant, David West, Alonzo Mourning, Al Horford, and probably a few others I’m forgetting. But the highlight was watching Chris Paul playjordan-heckles-cp3.jpg with Michael Jordanmichael-jordan.jpg. It’s really weird to turn a corner and be standing right by the best basketball player of all time (especially when you’ve been around Magic and Dr. J, two of the other top 10).

What a weird experience. I’m not sure why it was so much fun, but it really was. Wish I could do it again with a decent camera.


5 Responses to My night with the cool kids

  1. Howie Luvzus says:

    Damn. That’s just too cool!

  2. ashley says:

    Darryl Dawkins was at the slam dunk contest…was he there too?

  3. Editor B says:

    Tell us more about Ciara.

  4. mickymackyg says:

    What a trip!

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