T-P gets it right

I actually agree with the paper that this is a great JazzFest lineup.

I’ll be skipping the Never Brothers’ “triumphant” return (you know, because I generally focus on the local acts).

But I think this is the best national lineup we’ve had in a while. Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Robert Plant w/ Allison Kraus (my brother got me the CD for Xmas, and it’s terrific), Randy Newman, Cassandra Wilson, John Prine, and Quint even caved to someone’s Raconteurs suggestion, despite his preference only to have acts his own age.

I often see the people I see all year, but at JF, it’s a little different, and I never get tired of it. I’m feeling warmer already.


3 Responses to T-P gets it right

  1. ashley says:

    Randy Newman is on Thursday. I may actually go this year. I’d love to see John Prine, too.

  2. Maitri says:

    I LOVE that CD, too! See you at the show.

  3. LIsaPal says:

    Ohhh, please do tell me where you got that graphic! I love it, but I can’t see the small print and my guess is that it’s worth seeing. My friend, former spouse and father of my firstborn is the longest standing Not-Brother with something like 27 years under his belt and no missed gigs, which is more than any of the Brothers can say. He put a band together of former NB sidemen and called it Never-Were-Brothers. Decorum prevents me from coming right out and saying publicly why that name is so appropriate. Anyway, he’d probably get a get a kick out of it and could likely provide a few sub-headers of his own.

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