15 January 2008

I’m a psychologist, but not a clinical one, much to the chagrin of every person who’s ever sat next to me on a plane, found out I’m a psychologist, and tries to get me to diagnose friends.  As I tell my students, they’re as qualified to diagnose or treat people as I am.

There used to be a convenient distinction between neurosis and psychosis, but it’s considered outdated.  I still like it though.  The idea is that psychoses (which is still a commonly used term for disorders) are severe and keep one from living a fruitful, productive life without medication or other heavy treatments.  Things like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder fall here.   Neuroses, as they used to be called, would be general anxiety, phobias, lower level depression (dysthymia) and so on.  Many of us have some of those.

I have plenty.  I’ve just noticed one of them resurfacing.  I’m one of those people who often has trouble enjoying the present.  When a nice summer break is going on or I’m on vacation, I thoroughly enjoy and relish the first half, but I spend the second half counting down the days til it’s over, failing to enjoy said fun as I should be.  Well, I’m seeing it now with basketball season in full swing.

In case you hadn’t noticed, KU is playing lights-out this year.  This is the best team I’ve seen since the 97-98 year when we were everyone’s pick to win it all til we began our notorious run of tanking early in the tournament.  At least that team (which had NBA-ers Paul Pierce, Raef Lafrentz, Scot Pollard, and Jacque Vaughn, among others–yeah they’re not all all-stars like Pierce, but still…) lost to eventual-champion Arizona, leading to a lifelong resentment of Lute Olson’s smug smirk.  Since then, except for a couple runs to the final four, it’s been disappointing failures after highly successful seasons.

Well, we’re damn solid this year.  I’m not predicting we’ll get beyond the first round of the tourney or anything–once bitten twice shy–but I’m really enjoying watching a balanced, experienced attack.  So where’s the anxiety?

Well, watching last night’s dismantling of OU, I realized that we’ll likely only have one returning starter next year.  So instead of relishing a great team who hasn’t even gotten 3 games into conference play, I’m sweating next year.  That’s no way to live, people.