Are the kids alright?

I don’t know if someone at the Onion got knocked up recently, but given B‘s new stage, I thought I’d pass along a few choice recent submissions and a couple classics:

Woman Overjoyed by Giant Uterine Parasite

Radically Less Cool Lifestyle Born to Area Couple

Miracle of Birth Occurs for 83 Billionth Time

Spoined, Doughy Brat Makes Local Parent Feel Spiritually Whole 

And, as an unofficial member of the V club, I enjoyed reading about Dan Gilbert‘s recent talk at the American Psychological Society (I based my dissertation on his work, but I had to miss the conference this year), which included this line:

Children are the best thing in a parent’s life, but only because they tend to get rid of every source of joy we had before they came along.

Nevertheless, a hearty cheers to B & Xy.


3 Responses to Are the kids alright?

  1. Editor B says:

    Ha! Funny stuff.

    I guess I will have to retire my proud status as a volunteer for VHEMT.

  2. hammhawk says:

    Actually, I’ve grappled with that kind of thing. For example, part of the reason for my not having kids is that there are already too many people around, and Americans cause such a drag on the environment. But, if I had kids who were relatively enlightened and tried to make things better, then they might be influential enough to create a net loss in destruction. Likewise, if you can get your offspring effectively to spread the gospel of human extinction, then maybe their addition to the world will yield a net acceleration of the demise of the species. We can only hope…

  3. […] First, a TMI anecdote: Around a decade ago when we were at a conference in Chicago, E & I had a “scare” and bought fetus detectors for the only time for either of us. We had gotten worked up into a true sense of panic, and then when the rabbit didn’t die or whatever, we felt complete relief. That reaction was telling. Neither of us, although married and relatively stable, had any ambivalence in our reaction. No sense of “Well, we’re glad, but it would have been exciting.” It was 100% relief; even though we agree on the perspective, it’s for somewhat different reasons. So we continued to discuss and analyze the situation for a year or so, and then took action. […]

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