On a weekend that saw the Saints give one away, I’m keeping my focus on the good fortune we experienced at the end of another hurricane season.  I think it was Michael Homan who suggested that instead of having a festival on Aug 29 each year, we make Nov 30 a party.  I say we celebrate Thanksgiving on that day each year.  Since we’re not part of the US anyway, we don’t really have to honor that Plymouth Rock Mayflower crap anyway do they?  And this is one place that’s actual appreciated its native habitants, at least to some degree and belatedly.

It really has been a remarkable run.  Back in the day, evacuations were pretty rare, but during my 2nd stint here starting in 2000, we canceled classes each year through the awful ’05 season.  Now we’ve had 2 years without an evacuation or major threat, and we should always remember to be grateful for that.  I’m sure I’m not alone in reflecting every day that those of us in the region has paid our dues, and I hope that those of you who had so much more to deal with than I did will never have to go through it again.


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