For what ales ya

I know things are tough around here, but the good people at Abita have made it a little easier by finally making an IPA.  Jockamo (yeah that’s how they spell it) is pretty good stuff.  I’ve never been a fan of their amber; it seems strangely dusty tasting to me, and I can’t explain what I mean by that.  No one else seems to agree with me.  Restoration ale was, to me, their best brew by far, although Andygator rocks too (don’t get me started on Turbodog, a great name but mediocre beer, IMHO).

Jockamo won’t replace Sierra Nevada or other good IPAs in my rotation completely, but I love me some hops, and they finally put some more in there.  Frankly, I could use a little more bite, but it always feels better drinking something almost-local.

2 Responses to For what ales ya

  1. Editor B says:

    Jockamo IPA? I wonder if they still make Jockamo Stout. Sounds good, thanks for the report.

  2. ashley says:

    The anniversary Pilsner is the best thing they ever made. I don’t know why they have such an aversion to hops.

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